Vodafone Public School Scholarship Alumna: "I Want to Show the World What a Well-Educated Muslim Woman Can Do"

Scholarship Alumna
Scholarship Alumna

Nada Abdel Ghani ’13, recipient of the Vodafone Public School Scholarship, has always had a dream to own her own multinational manufacturing company based in Egypt. After studying business administration at AUC, her aspirations for her future career increased. “I aspire to become one of the best and most recognized financial experts in the world; I want to show the world what a well-educated Muslim woman can do,” stated Abdel Ghani, who attended Om el Abtal School in Giza, Egypt.

In addition to aspiring to open her own manufacturing company, Abdel Ghani is also planning to work towards building a school in Upper Egypt. “Believing in the power and importance of education, I dream of building a school in an underprivileged area in Upper Egypt — this is truly what Egypt needs.”

In preparation for fulfilling her dreams, Abdel Ghani is currently working as a junior equity analyst in Prime Holding, a regional investment bank with a presence in major Arab markets. Her job is to publish research reports with investment recommendations on equities listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange. “My job as an equity research analyst allows me to have thorough knowledge about different industries in Egypt, the sector opportunities and challenges, the business model, as well as the financial aspect. This is an important step in identifying the basics for my future company,” she explained.

Abdel Ghani is also pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification, which is an important step in achieving her dream of becoming a financial expert. She is also planning to apply for a Master of Business Administration degree, but she decided to spend several years in the market first to gain the required experience. “Spending four and half years at AUC has been a major pillar in my personal development. Receiving my bachelor’s degree from the best business school in Egypt is the basic milestone in my career.”

Established in 2006, the Vodafone Public School Scholarship was designed to support outstanding and deserving Egyptian students who graduated from a public high school and majored in business administration.