Automated System for Customized Business Cards, Project Requests

The University has launched a new Communication Services Form that will enable members of the University community to request projects for design and editing through a more efficient, user-friendly interface.

The communications office has implemented the automated system for some projects to enable faster design and printing of these materials. From the new Communication Services Form, users may order business cards using an automated system. If the user is affiliated with one of AUC’s academic schools, the logo for that school is added automatically based on the office or department chosen. The system automatically generates the business card, which can be previewed by the user and sent through a paperless process. Once the user submits the card and it is approved through an online automated process by either the human resources office or the provost's office for staff and faculty respectively, it is sent to the printshop at the click of a button. Users would then receive their printed business cards within three working days.

Business cards are the first in a number of services that will allow users to self-generate what they need. The communications office is also developing automated systems for ordering letterheads, e-invitations, e-flyers, certificates, as well as e-greetings and thank you cards. This will streamline the production process to make it quicker and easier for users to design and order these materials.

The new form is organized in an intuitive way, with all of the services users need listed on one page. Options are presented in an organized fashion, and many of these options –– including banners, tripods, sandwich boards, webpages, ads and rollups –– feature sample photos within the request form so that users may visualize what they are ordering.

As part of the old project request system, a unified form was used for all projects, which sometimes made it difficult for users to determine which fields applied to which projects. In order to respond to the needs of users, the new system features specialized forms for each type of publication, making it easier for them to choose options relating to the project and enter the requested information.

To view the Communications Services Form,click here.