AUCians Express What They Are Most Thankful For

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, AUC community members expressed their gratitude for various aspects of their lives in a survey conducted by News@AUC.

Family and friends came on top of the list. “There is a lot to be thankful for, whether it is being surrounded by family and friends, having good health or a fulfilling job,” said Miriam Amir, an alumna and staff member. “But for me, this year, I am thankful for being where I am needed most and for accepting what life has given me so far.”

Sharing similar sentiments, Safinaz Saad, an AUC staff member, noted, “I am thankful for having my family around me in good and bad times. I wouldn't be where I am without every single one of them — mom, dad, brother, sister and my husband.”

Some AUCians were particularly appreciative of their parents. “I am thankful to my parents for everything they've done and for every prayer they've made for me to become who I am right now,” said Marwa Mansour, an alumna and staff member.”

Grandparents were also cherished. “I am grateful for having Nannah; that's my grandma!” said Reem, an AUC student.

Lending a hand to others was a source of satisfaction for many. “I am thankful for having the ability to help people solve their problems and add value to their lives,” said May Ramy, an alumna and staff member.

“I am thankful for family, education, a chance to do something, a chance to live and experience the world, and a chance to help others,” said Farah, an AUC student.

Pains and woes also provided a learning experience that people were thankful for. “I am grateful for the pain and troubles in my life, which showed me how dreams can be achievable during the hardest times, and how we can appreciate the small and simple things in our life,” said Eman Nasr, an AUC Facebook fan. “They are like a mirror through which we can see ourselves purely and clearly.”

One staff member was grateful for her brother’s recent recovery from leukemia: “I am thankful for my brother's successful leukemia treatment. It's almost the third anniversary of his diagnosis, and he is doing great!”

Several respondents also expressed their appreciation of AUC and the University community. “I am thankful to the University for providing me with outstanding facilities that make my years at AUC more fruitful,” said Shaza Walid, an AUC student. “I am thankful for the professional professors that I have encountered so far who helped broaden my horizons and grant me new perceptions about different matters, further increasing my knowledge. I am thankful for the diverse community that I get exposed to everyday. I am thankful for the active social life and extracurricular activities that add to my personality. I am thankful and proud to be an AUCian.”

Faculty members were grateful for their colleagues and working environment. “I am thankful for my amazing colleagues who are not only wise, creative and inspiring, but also unfailingly supportive and kind. It is a privilege to work with them and have the opportunity to learn from example,” said one faculty member.

Another faculty member emphasized the distinctiveness of the University. “At AUC, I'm thankful for the freedom to innovate and the opportunity to enrich people's lives.”

Some students were appreciative of technology and the comforts of modern life. “I am grateful for the existence of Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Yahoo Answers, Torrent and video games, in addition to smart phones, cars, planes and hamburgers,” said Khaled, an AUC student.

All in all, AUC community members saw positivity in what life has to offer. “I am thankful for the love I'm surrounded with, and I am thankful for being able to feel it and appreciate it,” said Caroline, an alumna and staff member. “I am thankful for my family, my friends and my job. I am thankful for the sunshine God sends everyday and all of His blessings.”