Student Artwork Featured in Exhibition at Medrar for Contemporary Art

Student projects from the visual arts program in the Department of the Arts were featured in an exhibition at Medrar for Contemporary Art. Curated by Shady El Noshokaty, contemporary visual artist and associate professor in the Department of the Arts, the exhibition Blink 2 showcases works ranging from photography and experimental animation to audio and video projects. "The exhibition is focused on media art such as digital photography, video art, experimental animation and multimedia installation," El Noshokaty said. "These kinds of projects involved a long creative research process through which our students learned how to develop their own ideas using philosophical thinking. This approach helps them create individual theoretical ideas about their own personal, social and political background." Blink 2 is the second version of another exhibition held in AUC's Sharjah Art Gallery in April 2013 and is part of a series of exhibitions that feature student artwork, the first of which was Tracing Visions held in Sharjah Art Gallery in October 2011. "The main aim of this series of exhibitions is to encourage our talented students to grow as artists and reach their maximum potential," El Noshokaty noted. "It allows them to show off their creative experiments after a long educational process, aiming to reach a professional standard suitable for art galleries. Their final art projects were first shown in the Sharjah Art Gallery at the University, then they moved out to be exhibited in one of the many established art institutions in Cairo, giving their works of art wider exposure and providing students with the chance to interact with the Cairo art scene." Blink 2 features artwork by students Aya El-Mofty, Habiba Allam, Hala Hisham, Lina Nabrawy, Malak Yacout Saleh, Nada Fathy, Nazly Abaza, Mohamed Talaia, Omar Ashour, Omar Hamdalla, Omar Mobarek, Rawaa Sherif, Riham Ali Kassim, Salma Aboul Hussein, Tuqa El-Harouny, Yasmina Kabbara, Zeina Madwar, Nathalie Lothfy, Maya Shafei, Islam Shabana and Nadine El-Awadly. The exhibition was on display every day, except Fridays, until December 25 from 4 to 9 pm at Medrar for Contemporary Art, 7 Gamal El-Din Abu El-Mahassen Street, first floor, Garden City, Cairo. Photo caption: Artwork by Hala Hisham, Yasmina Kabbara (top row), Malak Yacout Saleh and Zeina Madwar (bottom row)