Minister of Social Solidarity Meets with USAID Scholars


AUC took part in a meeting between Minister of Social Solidarity Nivine El-Kabbag and USAID Scholars Activity students with disabilities and scholars from the Takaful and Karma families

Minister El-Kabbag thanked the students for attending the meeting and congratulated them for their hard work and ambition to become part of the scholarship program. She expressed her interest in meeting them face to face in the future and encouraged them to keep working hard to sustain this opportunity, adding that the ministry would be glad to offer its support to the students through research, study or employment. 

Provost Ehab Abdel Rahman thanked USAID for its generous grant and support to Egyptian youth to succeed and excel. He added that these scholars are carefully selected from a pool of more than 4,400 applicants, which means they represent 3% of all applicants. He advised students to keep working hard and to stay humble, advising them to reach out to mentors as an "excellent opportunity to keep learning." 

Deputy Office Director and Higher Education Team Leader Kay Leherr spoke about how one of USAID’s priorities is offering world-class higher education to the youth of Egypt. She said that USAID has dedicated USD 200 million in the past to support education in Egypt. With this project, this figure would rise to USD 236 million. 


Provost Ehab Abdel-Rahman



Minister El-Kabbag with the COP, DCOP and Associate Minister for Economic Affairs and Financial Inclusion