Students to Hold Mother’s Day Celebration Today, 1 pm

A Mother’s Day celebration for members of the AUC community will be held today, March 23, from 1 to 2 pm in the University Garden, behind the library.
“For us, this Mother’s Day celebration represents a day when we can formally take a minute to thank some of the women in our community who continually prove to play a critical role in the development of a new generation,” said Samer Mosis, president of Delta Phi Epsilon, a student fraternity that is organizing the event along with Heya student club, Developers Inc. and the Office of Student Development. “Mothers across the world are central to community development, and we feel that as a part of the AUC community, it is our role to make sure these mothers feel appreciated and know how much they are valued.” The event will feature several key speakers and refreshments for the mothers in the AUC community. “Not only will our AUC mothers have the opportunity to relax and enjoy refreshments including a chocolate fountain and special Mother’s Day cakes, but there will also be a series of student, staff and faculty speakers,” explained Mosis. “All of this will be accompanied by special gifts for the mothers and music by some of our very own AUC students.” The first Mother’s Day celebration at AUC was organized by Delta Phi Epsilon last year, and the group hopes to maintain this yearly tradition. “As a social and professional society, we believe in our ability to leave a lasting legacy at AUC through educationally based events that integrate and enrich the community,” Mosis said. “It is in this sense that we started the Mother’s Day event tradition last year to honor the mothers of the AUC community.” In an email sent out about the event last week, President Lisa Anderson expressed her appreciation for the mothers at AUC. “I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to all of the mothers in our AUC community who contribute daily to making sure everything runs smoothly at home and on campus,” she said. “I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day.”