'It Is an Overwhelming Experience to Earn So Much Love' - Sonia Zulfiqar Receives Notes of Appreciation from Students


On the last day of classes, some students expressed their gratitude to faculty members for their ongoing support despite the circumstances. Sonia Zulfiqar, associate professor of chemistry, was in for a surprise when her students put up thank you notes on their screens. 

“It is an overwhelming experience for me to earn so much love, affection, and respect, given the fact that I am teaching this course for the first time,” said Zulfiqar.

Zulfiqar engaged her students in online classes through live interaction, while ensuring that her presentations were clear and detailed enough so that students could study independently after the lecture. She also created a group on WhatsApp as an additional platform, where the students get to ask questions and get prompt responses.

COVID-19 has affected everyone in academia," said . "Teaching advanced undergraduate courses remotely is a big challenge, especially those which have a lab module."

At the end of the class, the students told her that they have something to share with her and they suddenly displayed their hand-written placards to express their gratitude to her efforts in teaching and the hard work she has put throughout the semester.

Student comments include: “Best Professor Ever,” “You really made the course fun,” “Love you professor,” “Thank you so much professor for your great efforts throughout the semester,” and “Thank you doctor for your efforts and flexibility with us; can’t wait to take another course with you."