Nadine Hosny: Representation is Key for Student Union to Succeed

Nadine Hosny, the new Student Union (SU) president, believes that a grounded and practical approach is what will define her term as president.

“I’m not about reinventing the wheel,” said Hosny, who is a double major in psychology and anthropology. “We have three simple, solid words that I think best define the role of the Student Union –– represent, serve and develop.”

Hosny emphasized that her team is working to reshape and redefine the long-established structure of the Student Union. “We’re going the extra mile to make the SU activities and vision more accessible and catering to more people, rather than have it be seen as exclusive to a certain group,” she said. “For every single project we do, we look at the larger sectors of the student body and see how it will accommodate them and strengthen the SU at the same time. We need to be in touch with students and be more accessible to them.”

In addition to the roughly 1,600 students who are engaged in the Student Union, Hosny is aiming to draw in the entire student body. “One of our pillars is ‘enough marginalization,’” she noted. “Students in humanities and social sciences, the arts and sports have often felt that their concerns were not addressed by past governments, so what we’re trying to do is overcome those boundaries and serve all sectors of the student body,” she explained. “We’re not doing something huge and trying to unify the whole student body, but the point is that we are here to serve everyone. Representation is key because with proper services come with proper representation.”

Working to enhance the student experience, Hosny’s top priorities are to protect student rights, maintain AUC as a safe environment in which students can flourish and work in every way possible to enhance the quality of education provided at the University. “I think this is integral to what we’re here to do,” she affirmed. “We want to build a strong student movement, not a chaotic one, but rather one that works for the betterment of the whole student body.”

She added, “All of this has definitely been and will continue to be challenging, to say the least, but it’s a new experience and it’s a challenge that my team and I are willing to take. I feel I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing at this stage of my life –– contributing toward my community as a student.”