Research and Creativity Convention Keynote Speaker

Khaled Habibkhaled_habib
CEO - Fit For Life     

Sunday April 22, 2018
1 - 2 pm

Moataz Al Alfi Hall

“They Made Me Creative!"

"جعلوني مبدعا"

Khaled Habib, PhD, is a well-rounded business professional, with a rich career of regional and global roles in multinational firms. He has led the human resources functions at strategic and operational levels in blue chip multinationals including Pfizer, Vodafone, Barclays, ABB and General Electric. Habib has also orchestrated numerous restructuring and business turn around projects in companies and governmental bodies. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering, received his MBA certificate (2001) and acquired his doctorate degree in a new-grounded theory in management from Edinburgh Business School in 2015.  He is a certified management consultant and a top-notch management instructor in the Middle East. He is a professor of management and marketing for MBA Students. Habib was nominated by the Egyptian presidency to design the Presidential Leadership Program PLP, a program with over 1000 graduates already successfully deployed in governmental roles. He is also a popular motivational speaker. Habib presents a daily show on Radio hits  { تفاءل} since 2016 presenting creative ideas and motivational messages.

Recently Habib launched his first book,  إستمارة 6  {Form Number 6}, which has immediately become a best seller in the local market, featuring real-life stories and lessons learned in business and personal life.