Celebrating Failure

Celebrating Failure


 Failure is an inevitable part of life. Letting your failures define you is avoidable.



One of the objectives of the Research and Creativity Research Convention (RCC) activities is to shape the culture of the university in ways that promote the qualities we would like to instill in our community: risk-taking, willingness to get out of your comfort zone, collaborating with people from different backgrounds, and making high-quality decisions based on real-time data.

Why do we need to celebrate failures? Because nothing great happens without them. Only through failure will our students find great success. So, in many ways, failure is the doorway to greatness, we just aren’t comfortable with that idea. All stories of iconic researchers have failure right in the middle of them. Yet we push our students hard to be uncomfortable with failure so that when it inevitably happens, it is devastating to them.

Think about the mentors and influencers in your life. What are the stories that they tell you to help frame up your pursuits? How many of these conversations deal with overcoming something, coping with and persevering through failure? World changers embrace risk and this can only happen when they develop a good comfort level with failure.

In the session, we shall have a failure story shared by academia leaders.  


Members of the Panel


Amr Shaarawi

Professor of Physics and Chair of the University Senate


Alaa-Eldin Adris

Associate Provost for Research, Innovation and Creativity


Hoda Mostafa

Director of Center for Learning and Teaching