Journey to Futurize your Course

Imagine teaching your course in 20 years' time. What will have changed during that time? What will you be teaching? How will you be teaching it? How will society be different? How might higher education be different? How will our learners have changed? How will the world of work be different? What kind of technology might have arrived, and what technology will have disappeared? What kind of global challenges will young people be grappling with? How will that change the purpose, meaning and practice of teaching and learning in your discipline?

The world is changing rapidly. If you are interested in reimagining what your course might look like in 20 years, then we invite you to join with others at AUC and participate in the RCC 2020: Journey to Futurize your Course 

The top three winning individuals/teams will receive a prize of EGP 30,000, EGP 20,000 and EGP 10,000 for first, second and third prize winners. Submissions will be pitched to a panel of internal and external judges. Winning courses will also be eligible for a generous yearly Learning Experience Innovation Award over one to three years. This award will support the top three to five faculty or teams to prototype and test features of their reimagined and redesigned courses as part of a course evolution plan submitted to the Futurize Your Course committee.

To create a community of innovators and developers, the committee will be working with all applicants through a series of workshops and ideation sessions guided by committee members. Activities will include a kick-off event in December, a full-day workshop in February 2020, and deep dive consultation sessions. These sessions will explore techniques and strategies to facilitate the design process. To apply, submit the required preliminary information and statement of interest through this form. If you have questions, contact the committee chair, Matthew Hendershot, associate dean of undergraduate studies, Academy of Liberal Arts by email on mnhende2@aucegypt.edu.

To enhance innovative ideas, applicants will participate in the following events through the committee.*

  • Kick-off event (TBD)
  • Full-day ideation workshop (spring 2020)
  • Two deep-dive workshops (spring 2020)

*(Exact dates to be determined)

Individual faculty or teams can participate. A team can be up to three people and composed of other faculty, students or teaching assistants. All members must be affiliated with AUC, and be led by at least one participating full-time AUC faculty member. Teams can be interdisciplinary. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance if they participate in the required sessions regardless of receiving a prize for the final submission.

February 15, 2020