AUC's Master in International Management/CEMS Welcomes First Cohort


This fall, AUC welcomed the first cohort of students to its Master in International Management/CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education) — the only AUC program ranked by the Financial Times and The Economist. AUC is the only CEMS academic partner in Africa and the Middle East.

“CEMS is one of the best and the only graduate program in the history of AUC and the Egyptian and Middle Eastern education that enjoys a Financial Times ranking in the top 10 universities,” said Hakim Meshreki, visiting assistant professor of marketing and CEMS academic director.

With a vision to “comprise the world’s finest students”, students spend a full calendar year at the CEMS program. The first semester is spent at their home university, and the second semester abroad as an exchange program in one of the 31 schools and academic partners. The student can follow the opposite track whereby they can spend the first semester abroad and the second semester at their home university. The third semester is an eight-week semester of international internship outside their home university, where they are exposed to the international flavor of a global organization through an internship outside their home country — preferably in one the 68 CEMS corporate partners.

By the time they graduate, students should prove their mastery of three languages, approved by CEMS, including the English and Arabic languages. "You can’t be a global manager without being able to communicate in at least three languages or even more,” affirmed Meshreki.

“The unique global network and the perfect balance between academia and practical international experience are what made me enroll in the CEMS program,” said Julian Friedrich Sendlmeier, a German student enrolled in the program.

CEMS started back in 1988 by four European universities to form a Master in International Management that has the multicultural aspect of managing global firms. With more than 30 academic partners worldwide, CEMS has an edge in combining academic and practical approaches, graduating global managers in different countries worldwide. The program has 20 academic partners in Europe, two partners in North America, two partners in South America, six partners in Asia, and one in Africa and the Middle East: AUC.

CEMS also has over 70 corporate partners from all over the world including Henkel, Procter & Gamble, Bain & Company, DHL Consulting, Google, Facebook and Hyundai and many others from various industries.  

“I chose to enroll in the CEMS Master in International Management because it is not the typical master’s program where you would go by the book,” said Yara Koura, one of the CEMS students at AUC.

CEMS is a pre-experience program that neither requires years of experience nor GMAT score to join the program. "You just need to pass through the panel interview, which is one of the things we base our decision on apart from other basic University requirements like GPA,” explained Meshreki. “We base our selection criteria on different dimensions, including global mindset and openness to differences; resilience and competitiveness; and ethics and social responsibility.”

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