Sharing the Bounty: Students Give Back in Ramadan

Glow student club has packed and distributed 225 food bags and will be distributing more mid-month to reach a wider range of families
The club Volunteers in Action (VIA) with their packs. Their target is 3,000.
VIA volunteers sit among their Ramadan packs

Year after year, during the month of Ramadan, AUC students dedicate themselves to serving those in need. From donation campaigns to distributing food packs, old and new clubs on campus work to give back to the Cairo community during this season of generosity.

This year, many campus organizations are giving back through food pack distribution, providing families and communities with meals and Ramadan packs.

The community service club Glow has already packed and distributed 225 food bags, and they are planning on distributing more mid-month to reach a wider range of families. 

The Help Club has been distributing Ramadan packs and meals for over 15 years, and their campaign continues this year. They are giving Ramadan packs and daily meals to more than 500 families between in Masr El Adima, Upper Egypt, Helwan and Ain Shams, among other places. 

"We believe that community service is a reminder of all the blessings we take for granted in our lives. It makes us realize how these basic things for us are luxurious for others," explained Rania El-Shenety, Help Club president.

The club Volunteers in Action (VIA) is distributing Ramadan food packs to orphanages and underprivileged neighborhoods. The club has already distributed 2,700 packs, with a target of 3,000.

“We think it is our duty to help underprivileged people with their basic needs, and we shouldn’t forget that joy is a basic need. That’s why we always to add some fun to whatever project we're working on. It’s also always nice to see people get excited whenever Ramadan comes," said Ali Wael, club president.

VIA is also running Iftar to Go, a project where hot Iftar meals are given out daily to various orphanages around Cairo. 

Founded in Fall 2018, Revival is a new club on campus that focuses on providing education and support to the homeless in Cairo. For Ramadan this year, the organization is kicking off a donation campaign for clothes, medicine and money. Those interested in donating can find their booth in Bartlett Plaza during assembly hour for clothes and medicine drop-offs, and small boxes near food outlets on campus for cash donations. 

"All donations will be used to the direct benefit of homeless people in Cairo," explained Hatem Shakweer, vice president of Revival. "We will be ready to give out the clothes at the end of Ramadan, as it is a tradition that people wear clean new clothes on the Eid days directly after the end of the holiday."