The 6th International LaFarge Holcim Forum "Re-Materializing Construction" Kicks Off at AUC


The 6th International LaFarge Holcim Forum "Re-Materializing Construction," kicks off today! At the symposium, professionals and research institutions will explore new approaches towards sustainable building solutions. The symposium will host over 300 specialists from 50 countries. Egypt is the first Middle East and African country to host the event.

The symposium is organized by the LaFarge Holcim Foundation, a Swiss-based non-profit entity sponsored byLaFargeHolcim Group -- the leading global building materials and solutions company including Lafarge Egypt.

Khaled Tarabieh, assistant professor in the Department of architecture said, "this is one of the best recent conferences that has ever been put together for serving the issue of sustainability and sustainable construction in Egypt."

Keynote speakers include Christine Binswanger, senior partner at Herzog & de Meuron; Francis Kèrè, principal and founder of Kèrè Architecture; Anne Lacaton, principal of Lacaton & Vassal Architectes; and Lord Norman Foster, 29th laureate of the prestigious Prince of Asturias award for the Arts, 21st Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, chairman and founder of Foster + Partners. Some of Foster's major projects have included the Beijing Airport, the Great Court at the British Museum in London and the Millau Viaduct in France.

The event will raise awareness about the LaFargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction --  the world's most significant competition for sustainable design. Each competition cycle spans three years. Every cycle there are five regional competitions, with around 5,00 submissions competing. The award for the winner is $ 2 million in prize money. 

"The mission of the foundation is to raise awareness about the importance of architecture, engineering and urban planning towards creating a more sustainable future. If you participate in the forum, or if you're part of our network you will exchange ideas. The forum is about workshops. People aren't sitting there, they were invited because they can contribute to it," explained Marc Zutter, head of communications at LaFargeHolcim Foundation.