Students, Faculty and Staff Reflect on Why They are Happy to Be AUCians


In honor of International Day of Happiness, AUC students, faculty and staff reflect on why they are happy to be AUCians.

"I love every single bit of success AUC accomplishes every day. I'm proud to be part of such a reputable organization. I am also proud to witness the centennial celebrations, it's so festive! AUC is home, I am forever grateful!"

-- Caroline Mikhail, executive assistant to chair, Department of Computer Science and Engineering


"Being surrounded by many professors and open-minded colleagues within a motivating and an inspiring environment makes AUC a good place to unleash my potentials and maximize them."

-- Iman Mostafa, student


"I'm happy because I have achieved the most important goal of my life. To be a part of this community is a great honor, and that makes me really happy"

-- Shady Sedky Gerges, assistant lab supervisor, Citadel Capital Financial Services Center


"As a mom, I'm so happy and grateful that AUC gave me a chance to be a woman besides being a housewife and mom of two girls. When I first moved here, life was very tough because I didn't have a job. Now, I feel blessed to be part of this amazing community where I made new friends and got the chance to teach Italian to a few students."

-- Elena, student


"I got to meet friends who are international like me, who are very diverse and come from different cultural backgrounds. I really enjoy exchanging culture with them, they are the biggest reason why I'm happy at AUC."

-- Kenda Almarkabi, student 

"I've been wanting to attend AUC for approximately five years now. This is my second semester here as a graduate student, and I love AUC and Egypt."

-- Thomas Friday, student

"I am happy to be an AUCian because we have the best working atmosphere. I work at AUC Tahrir campus in the fascinating historical palace building. Besides, the cultural events that started with the Tahrir Cultural Center increased my happiness."

-- Lobna Ali, events scheduling coordinator, Facilities and Operations, Support Services

"Because of the authenticity of AUC. It is a unique and original place."

-- Maha, student

"For any faculty who cares a lot about student learning and higher education, AUC is the best place in Egypt, and maybe in the region. It's an excellent environment that makes wonders happen: from its dynamic system that allows departments to continuously improve their curricula (to align them with the best U.S. academic standards), to the freedom and support given to the faculty to implement new teaching techniques (that are research-based), to the liberal-arts education, which allows the students to have a wider scope and experience in different fields that can be beneficial to their career (via minors and double majors)."

-- Mohammad AlFiky, assistant professor of physics, Department of Physics 

"I am happy to be an AUCian because I serve the best students from all over the world. I love all of them the same as my kids. I love all of you and hope all the best for all of you."

-- Hanan Fathy Elkassas, senior labs supervisor, Department of Biology