AUC Gives 100

AUcians stand in front of the Give100 Campaign booth at the centennial kickoff on February 9
Egypt's Minister of Tourism Rania Al-Mashat '95 donates to the campaign
TV Presenter and Journalist Lamis Al Hadidi '87,'90 donates to the campaign

At AUC’s centennial launch, the Tahrir Cultural Center wasn’t the only new initiative the University unveiled. The historic February 9 celebration also marked the kickoff of the Give100 campaign.

The Give100 Campaign is a University-led fundraiser that asks alumni worldwide to give 100 units of their country’s currency to the AUC Fund.

“I never chose to be given a better life by AUC. Now, I lovingly choose to give back part of what I owe, but will never recompense,” explained Dina Fouda '93, who contributed over $1,000 toward the fund.

While the campaign is about giving back, it's also about paying it forward. All donations will support scholarships for the next century of students enrolling at AUC. For many, a scholarship is the difference between getting a world-class high-quality education at the University or going elsewhere.

“The moment that I got accepted into the scholarship was a very happy moment, not only for me but also for my family," said Nour Beshir, economics and business administration major and recipient of the Nevine Loutfy Scholarship. "You finally get recognized not only for your academic achievements but also for your cultural achievements, for your hobbies, for your passions. So each and every time I renew the scholarship is the same happy moment as when I heard I got the scholarship."

Currently, 45 percent of AUC students benefit from financial aid, and 35 percent of graduate students receive fellowships. In total, 35 percent of student tuition fees are covered by AUC. With a student body of more than 7,000 and growing, this incoming funding will make a large difference.

“We provide a first-class, world-quality education; that is a costly process," explained President Francis J. Ricciardone. "We must increase the number of scholarships to ensure the diversity of students that we wish to attract, not only from Egypt, but from all over the world.”

With proceeds from the Give100 campaign going toward scholarships and educational opportunities, alumni whose time at AUC fueled or inspired their future successes can donate to do the same for their successors.

“AUC has made an enormous impact on my life. I’m honored to be able to contribute at the time of this centennial celebration,” Gregory Olson '82 affirmed.

Donating to the campaign is also a display of AUC pride. “AUC had 100 years of significant impact on education in Egypt. For 1,000 more years to come!” exclaimed Ahmed Tolba '97, '01, associate professor in the School of Business and associate provost for strategic enrollment management.

The act of donating is also an inspiration for others. By just giving 100 of their countries' currencies and raising awareness of the campaign, contributors will motivate other AUCians from all over the world to give.

By giving to AUC, alumni invite the world to notice the institution and learn why the University matters. As explained on the Give100 website, “strong support from alumni is a mark of institutional health and a public declaration of the value of AUC.”

And AUC alumni rose to the cause. In less than two weeks, AUC has raised around EGP 15,000 from more than 75 donors. And the kickoff was just phase two of the initiative. Phase one saw $28,200, in donations or pledges, with funding coming in from Egypt, the Middle East region and the United States.

This isn’t surprising -- with almost 40,000 AUC alumni worldwide, the institution has always enjoyed a strong global alumni network. With 17 countries represented by AUC donors and 98 percent of donors being alumni, this campaign is not only an opportunity to support the University as it embarks on its next 100 years -- it's also a testament to the strength of AUC’s legacy and international reach.

“AUC does not only shape our academic experience but also shapes our life and surroundings,” said Noha Bakr '87, '91.

Interested in contributing to the University’s next 100 years? You can donate to the Give100 campaign here.