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Faculty Profile
Salima Ikram

Professor of Egyptology and Head of Egyptology Unit
Department Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Egyptology
Phone 1840
Building Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Hall
Room 2073
Campus AUC New Cairo
Brief Biography
Salima Ikram is professor of Egyptology at The American University in Cairo, and has also worked as an archaeologist in Turkey, Sudan, Greece and the United States. After double majoring in history as well as classical and Near Eastern archaeology at Bryn Mawr College in the United States, she received her MPhil in museology and Egyptian archaeology, and her PhD in Egyptian archaeology from Cambridge University. She has directed the Animal Mummy Project, co-directed the Predynastic Gallery project and is co-director of the North Kharga Oasis Survey. She also participates in several other archaeological missions throughout Egypt. She has lectured on her work all over the world, and publishes in both scholarly and popular journals.

PhD, 1994, Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom
MPhil, 1987, Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom
AB, 1985, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Research Interests
Mummification (human and animal)Funerary archaeologyBioarchaeology (particularly archaeozoology)Experimental and ethno-archaeologyRock ArtHeritage management

Awards and Honorary Degrees
Excellence in Research Award, 2007, The American University in Cairo

Courses Taught
  • Material Culture: Looking at Artifacts in Context
  • Research Seminar: Research Design and Writing
  • Introduction to Egyptian Architecture
  • Site Analysis
  • Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt II
  • Culture and Society of Ancient Egypt

Personal Web Page
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Catalogue of the Footwear in the Coptic Museum (Cairo) with A. J. Veldmeijer. , Amsterdam: Sidestone.
Chasing Chariots. Proceedings of the First International Chariot Conference (Cairo 2012), edited with André J. Veldmeijer. , Amsterdam: Sidestone.
Ancient Nubia: African Kingdoms on
the Nile, edited with M. Fisher, P. Lacovara, and S. D’Auria. 
, The American University in Cairo Press.
Ancient Egypt, An Introduction., New York: Cambridge University Press..
Thebes and Beyond: Studies in Honour of Kent R. Weeks, edited with Z. Hawass. , Cairo: Supreme Council of Antiquities..
Beyond the Horizon: Studies in Egyptian Art, Archaeology, and History in Honour of Barry J. Kemp 1-2, edited with A. M. Dodson. , Cairo: Supreme Council of Antiquities..
Area Editor, Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of the Ancient World. A printed and online encyclopedia., .
The Tomb in Ancient Egypt, with A. M. Dodson. , London: Thames and Hudson..
Divine Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt., The American University in Cairo Press.
Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt., The American University in Cairo Press.
Catalogue Général of the Egyptian Museum: Non-Human Mummies, with N. Iskander., Cairo: Supreme Council of Antiquities Press..
The Mummy in Ancient Egypt, Equipping the Dead for Eternity, with A. Dodson., London: Thames and Hudson, Ltd./American University in Cairo Press..
Choice Cuts:  Meat Production in Ancient Egypt., Leuven: Peeters Publications..
“‘Kharga Oasis: a Saharan patchwork of lakes’, with J. Bunbury.,” , Egyptian Archaeology 45: 9-12., .
“‘Purported Medical Diagnoses of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, c. 1300 BC’, with Frank Rühli, HOMO.,” , Journal of Comparative Human Biology 65.1: 51-63., .
“‘Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis’, Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology Heritage Studies (JEMAHS) 1.4: 366-71.  ,” .
“‘Killing Man’s Best Friend?’, with Paul Nicholson, Louise Bertini, Delyth Hurley, Archaeological Review from Cambridge 28.2: 48-66.,” .
Archaeological and Museological Work, Co-Director, North Kharga Oasis Survey, 2000-2012
Archaeological and Museological Work:, Co-Director, The Amenmesse and KV 63 Project, 2013
Archaeological and Museological Work, Project Director, Animal Mummies in the Egyptian Museum, 1998-2002
Archaeological and Museological Work, Co-Director and Mortuary archaeozoologist, Dog Catacombs at North Saqqara Project, 2011-2012
Archaeological and Museological Work, Chief Archaeozoologist, Kinet Höyük, 1995-2012

Chair, Fellowship Committee, American Research Center in Egypt, 2012-2014
Faculty Advisor, Egyptology Club, 2011-2013
Chair, Archaeological and Research Expedition Committee, American Research Center in Egypt, 2009-2010
Chair of the Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and Egyptology Department, The American University in Cairo, 2006-2007; 2011-2012
Egyptology Unit Head, The American University in Cairo, 2001-2013
Committee Member, Rare Books and Special Collections Library, 1995-2010

In the Media
Contributions to Internet discussions and publications having to do with the state of antiquities during and after the January 25 Revolution, 2012
Prostate cancer in a mummy story, Discovery News, 2012
Several newspapers picked up the story of Salima Ikram's collaborative work on the first case of prostate cancer to be identified in an Egyptian mummy, 2012
Interview on the Limme Women, O'Hanlon's Heroes, 2012
Interview, ABC News, 2012
Interview, 2012
True Tales from the Crypt’, Roger Luckhurst investigates the mummy’s curse, BBC Radio 4, 2012
Article, Herald Net, 2012
Interview on the Discovery of the Mummies, RTP2 Portugal, 2012
Interview, Egyptological: Online Egyptology Magazine, 2012
Interview about the Chariot project, Ancient Egypt Online, 2012
Prostate cancer work featured, Cancer Today, 2012
Interview on the Step Pyramid, National Geographic, 2012
Research on animal mummies highlighted, Japanese Television, 2012
Prostate story, Archaeology Magazine online, 2012
Interview, Minerva: International Review of Ancient Art and Archaeology, 2012
Interview on Red List, CNN, 2012
Salima Ikram's work on the Egyptian Museum Chariot Project, carried out in conjunction with A. J. Veldmeijer, has been featured in Elsevier , Elsevier, 2012
Egypt's revolution, Geo TV, 2011
Interview, Publica, 2011
Interview on Egyptian antiquities, Voice of America, 2011
Interview on the repatriation of Egyptian antiquities, Channel 4, 2011
Interview about the Egyptian revolution, Radio Pakistan, 2011
Interview on the death in Ancient Egypt, German Television, 2010
Ancient Alexandria, History Channel, 2010
Interview on Ramses the Great, French TV, 2010
Interview on Animal Mummies, BBC World Service, 2001
Interview on the state of Egypt’s antiquities, CNN, 2012
Interview on animal mummies, Animal Planet, 2008
Interview, National Geographic, 2008

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