Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Academy of Liberal Arts and Instructor
Department of Rhetoric and Composition


Brief Biography

Matthew Hendershot has been at AUC since 2011, and currently serves as the associate dean of undergraduate studies and the Academy of Liberal Arts.  He teaches courses in business communication, rhetoric, mediation and migration studies. He had previously served as the associate chair for the Department of Rhetoric and Composition.

Hendershot has an extensive background in business and community service. He is the president of Cultural Catalyst Consulting , and between his work at AUC, his consulting, other business experiences and his community service, he has lived, worked, or traveled in over 30 countries.  He particularly likes helping on educational, community development and peacemaking projects. While Hendershotloves the theoretical side of things, his extensive experience in the "real world," compels him to bring a rich mixture of real world experiences stories, and opportunities into his classes. 

  • Matthew has done research and presented and/or published on a number of topics, including:

    • The use of Spaced Repetition Software in Education
    • The use of Corpus Linguistic analysis to discover Semantic Prosody
    • The use of politeness strategies in student emails
  • Hendershot has an MA TESOL from The American University in Cairo, and a BS in business management, with a specialized track in entrepreneurship and minor in religious studies, both from Arizona State University. He has a variety of other certifications and trainings acquired over the years.

    Research Interest

    Matthew likes real life practice and implementation. You will typically find him helping organize a training program somewhere around the world, or helping to improve the systems and functions of community service organizations. He has a heart for helping the hurting and needy of the world, and often tries to bring this social awareness into the classroom.