Senior Instructor
Department of Arabic Language Instruction


Brief Biography

Iman A. Soliman is initiator and director of CAASIC (2013 – to date), CASA  executive director (2010-to date) and a senior Arabic Language Instructor at the Arabic Instruction Department (2004 to date). She joined AUC in 2006 as a full-time faculty member. Besides teaching, she has served AUC in several positions including ALA Senator at large, chair of faculty affairs committee, on the University Senate’s Executive Committee, as member of the University blended learning committee, as well as on a number of other department and school committees. She earned her B.A. in English Literature from Ein Shams University. In 2003, she received her Ph.D. in TAFL from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. In 2008, she further studied a couple of post-graduate modules in computer enhanced language learning.

Iman has taught Arabic language and culture since 1992 at a number of reputable academic institutions, such as Middlebury College, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of St. Andrews as well as in International House Cairo. At AUC, she taught both Egyptian colloquial and modern standard Arabic language and culture.

From 2004 to 2005, she participated in the Educational Reform Program conducted by the Supreme Council of Education in Qatar. She has also led a number of teacher-training workshops to train the Arabic first language teachers to use the newly developed Arabic Language learning standards in Qatar. She later worked with a team and developed Arabic first language standards for “Nile schools”.

Iman A. Soliman is a winner of the AUC Excellence in Teaching Award (2011) and the AUC Excellence in Academic Service Award (2015), AUC. She has written a number of Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic courses and workbooks, in addition to co-authoring Kallemni Arabi, an intermediate course in Egyptian colloquial Arabic. She also co-authored Mastering Arabic through Literature, the Short Story al-Rubaa Volume 1 and Mastering Arabic through Literature, Drama al-Rubaa Volume 2. Iman  has extensive experience in curriculum development and has participated in the development of several Arabic language curricula for learners of Arabic as a first language and as a  foreign language at a regional level. She has also authored and produced a number of indigenous online AFL courses and materials as well as designed a blended learning course in Arabic Literature. Iman initiated and is currently working on a digital pedagogy collaborative project, which is sponsored by AMICAL. She is also working on a project for developing an Online Beginners Arabic course. As CASA Executive Director, she has redefined learning outcomes for CASA program and restructured the curriculum changing it from skills based into Content Based Instruction(CBI). Iman also successfully introduced and implemented Community Based Learning (CBL) to enrich the study abroad experience of CASA fellows, and to promote functional proficiency (2007).

Iman has participated in several national and international AFL conferences, has given presentations and was AFL key note speaker in Kazakhstan and the University of Portland. 

Her academic interests include AFL curriculum development, CBI, CBL, computer enhanced language learning and foreign language program assessment.


Soliman has written a number of the Modern Standard Arabic courses and workbooks used at the International House, Cairo and developed several Egyptian colloquial Arabic courses. Recently (2007), she co-authored 'Kallemni Arabi,' an Intermediate Course in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic.


Research Interest

program evaluation of the teaching of Arabic as a second language in Cairo as well as computer-enhanced learning teaching materials.