Undergraduate Student Support Grants


The Office of Undergraduate Research offers funding for undergraduate students enrolled at AUC to support original research or creative work.  Four types of grants are available:


1. Travel Grants
Travel grants offer partial payment of expenses incurred by travel to national, regional and international conferences, exhibitions, competitions or other reputable events. These may be recognized professional events or recognized undergraduate research events. Only students presenting research can apply.

The Office of Undergraduate Research may cover partial costs for one or more of the following:

  • Travel tickets
  • Conference registration fees
  • Visa fees
  • Accommodations

Maximum amounts awarded to applicants are $1,000 for students giving presentations. Owing to factors such as cost of attendance, availability of funds and the number of applications received, the amounts awarded will vary and you may or may not be awarded the full amount you request.


2. Mini Resource Grants
Up to LE 5000 per research or creative project may be applied for to assist with expenses, such as the costs of reprints (for a limited number of articles, not for books), supplies and services, the cost of data that must be purchased, rental of equipment, and relatively small materials costs related to research or creative works.  Students applying for a mini grant must have a faculty research adviser supervising their project. This grant is not for students completing a thesis. 


3. Community-Based Research and Innovation Grant
In order to be eligible for the Community-Based Research and Innovation Grant, the research must incorporate a community component, through employing participatory methods to identify and address a research problem, employing local materials and resources, offering research output as a service to the community, and working to ensure sustainability.

The maximum amount that may be awarded for a Community-Based Research and Innovation Grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research is EGP 8,000 for the whole group.


Students who need funding for their research projects need to first check with their departments for funding. Research teams working on a faculty-initiated project may be funded through another source of grant support - the Faculty Research Grant, managed by the Office of Vice Provost for Research. For more information, visit this page. This is a faculty support grant, so the faculty member himself/herself needs to apply, requesting funding for each undergraduate researcher on the team, based on the guidelines of the grant.  

The guidelines for the above Faculty Research Grant state the following:

"The Principal Investigator (PI) may request additional funding for up to three undergraduate students to support the activities of the Research Support Grant. An extra $500 per student per year will be added to the maximum allowed fund."

​Only in cases where no funding is available for a research project that employs community-based methods through the Faculty Research Grant will an application for an undergraduate research Community-Based Research and Innovation Grant be reviewed.  


4. Undergraduate Research Internship Grants
Students who receive an invitation from institutes, universities or professors abroad for participation in a research internship during the summer can apply for an Undergraduate Research Internship Grant. To apply for this grant, students are required to have prior experience in conducting research, provide a recommendation letter from an AUC faculty research supervisor and secure an acceptance letter from the hosting institute, university or professor. The maximum amount that may be awarded to applicants is $1,500 per internship, based on the availability of funds.  


AUC students can access the application system at:



For more information, please log in to: http://in.aucegypt.edu/research-auc/office-undergraduate-research