Emergency Management

If during the office hours of 8:30 am - 4:00 pm, you feel that you need to talk to someone urgently and cannot wait for your scheduled appointment time, or if you are in an emergency situation, contact us on 20.2.2615.3906/3902/3901.


You can also proceed to the student well-being unit, room P001, at the campus center in AUC New Cairo.

After working hours, please refer to the Office of Medical Services for emergency procedures.

Medical Emergency Hotline: 20.2.2615.4000


On their behalf, the medical doctors on duty will notify us and ask for our opinion, as they generally, do when they encounter psychiatric cases seeking their help. Your Psych Clinic personnel can call us for direct communication. The official on call numbers are:

Ola Morsy: 01003361470/01014444150

Marwa Hussien: 01001716125

Mohamed Youssef: 01122241222

Reem Hashem: 01091514626

Referral to psychiatric health resort (Professor Ahmed Okasha) has to be done through official referral.

  • No student should go seeking psychiatric assessment for free at their premises unless they have a document that they have been examined at AUC, assessed and referred.

  • In case of admission, the AUC medical clinic will not be held responsible for the payment except the first 24 hours, as per our memorandum of agreement with the resort, since the medical insurance does not cover psychiatric treatment.