Resident Advisors Program

We develop leaders. We aim at serving our community by creating a holistic living-learning community suitable for all residents to learn and develop. A key element of this mission is achieved through our Resident Advisors (RAs). An RA is a student para-staff member who engages in establishing a living-learning community, works as an advisor for the residents, and facilitates the residents' dormitory experience through the university resources/services/programs. The Resident Advisors work closely with the Resident Officers and other staff members to translate the Office of Residential Life vision and fulfill its mission. The RA is mainly the communication channel between the residents and the staff members/administration. The RA plays a vital role in establishing a comfortable atmosphere that encourages diversity, welcomes everyone, and makes the dorms feel like home.

Eligibility criteria 

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher
  • Not on any kind of probation/sanction when the term of the RA position begins
  • Registered in classes and enrolled at AUC for Spring 2021
  • Not planning to study abroad in Fall 2021
  • Been a resident at any of the residence halls for at least one academic year
  • Attend RA mandatory pre-semester training 

Recruitment process

  • The opening for hiring is done on a need basis, which means we launch the application as long as we need to recruit RAs. 
  • Residents are informed of the opening via email from us. They are required to complete and submit the application attached in the email, as well as provide at least one recommendation letter.
  • Applicants who pass the filtration process based on the eligibility criteria set for an interview.
  • Applicants are interviewed to assess their capabilities as potential candidates; the panel grades the candidates based on a rubric and then proceeds with their final selection.

Post and compensation

RAs term is one academic semester, subject to renewal. They receive free single room accommodation If an applicant already has a free single room accommodation as a result of a fellowship or scholarship that covers accommodations, no additional compensation is offered.