The First-Year Residential Experience Program

The First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) is a program that addresses incoming freshmen residents. Freshmen residents reside on campus during their first year, in units three and four on the males' side, and 9 and 10 on the females’ side. They are assigned Resident Advisors (RAs) who are aware of potential needs and challenges to freshmen residents and help them understand and utilize available resources. This is the first step of their journey, and we care to make it a transformational one. We usually organize trips to historic sites, other cities, educational facilities, or simply fun ones. This is all part of our mission to create a living-learning community that allows for residents’ development. Such trips are part of the orientation week, which also includes the orientation session that familiarizes residents with our office, Resident Officers (ROs), Resident Advisors (RAs), and what is our role. We believe that by creating a suitable environment for residents, we are planting the seed of developing a community.