About CoCurricular Transcript

What is a CCT?

A Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is an official record for your extracurricular activities and competencies that you enrolled in or achieved during your years of study at AUC. It complements your academic transcript through documenting your involvement outside the classroom for a more well-rounded representation of your achievements that are not only limited to academics.

Your CCT will be an officially verified document outlining your co-curricular activities. Each activity you submit will be validated by an AUC staff or faculty member and then your transcript will be stamped from the Office of the Dean of Students and picked up from the Office of Student Engagement. The CCT application is hosted on the SSB and accessible to all students only at the announced period of the semester. An announcement to submit your CCT records will be dent out through a portal announcement towards the end of each semester. You can only enter the activities for the current semester. Past activities will not be accepted due to verification reasons.


Why do you need a CCT?

“Whenever I apply for any internship or academic or professional program, I am always asked about the experiences I had in extracurricular activities” Mohamed Nabil Elimam

“I chose the co-curricular transcript because it documents the extracurricular activities, where I have exerted enormous effort, and it is evidence that proves I’ve done this work. I believe I will benefit from it when applying for jobs or even postgraduate studies, as it depicts the skills that I’ve gained and my learning curve.” Nour Beshir

Testimonials by AUC students echo worldwide trends and research that extracurricular activities enrich the student’s character and complements it in so many ways. It also allows students to perform with more confidence in job interviews and paves the way to more career opportunities. Since achievement is not only academic, graduating with a CCT will allow you to show your employer the other side of you, you will not only be judged academically, but will all the accomplishments you’ve done outside the walls of the class room. Not only that, but it allows you to showcase a list of verified and validated skills that you can help your employer with other than your academic degrew.

How will CCT benefit me in a nutshell?

Your CCT will be a one-stop-shop for you to showcase all your skills to graduate schools, employers or when you’re applying for scholarships. Being the first in the middle east to graduate with a CCT will definitely allow you to have a competitive edge over all other applicants. And with more emphasis on soft skills in the employment world, you now have proof of your leadership skills, communication, problem-solving, or any skill you thrive at.


Which activities are eligible to be included in a CCT?

Your CCT can include your co-curricular accomplishments in the following eligible activities:

  • Independent Research


    • Carried out and completed excellent research outside the AUC academic curriculum such as formal presentations at academic conferences or published academic articles.
  • Student Organizations
    • Registered and active member/leader or elected officer of an AUC registered club or organization.
  • Academic Community Engagement (ACE)
    • Engaged in providing a service to the community including AUC through Community Based Learning (CBL) courses.
  • Student Orientation
    • Registered and active member/leader in the First-Year Experience (FYE) program or participated in student orientation activities as a Peer Advising Leader (PAL).
  • Career Development
    • Engaged in career development activities such as internships, job shadowing, work study, corporate competitions, contests, or career development workshops.
  • Athletics
    • Active member or elected captain of an AUC sports team, national or international sports team.


How are my entries verified?

Upon submitting your CCT record on your SSB, the submitted record is sent to the respective faculty or staff member for verification. If you submitted a record for an activity, the verification is done by your organization president after which the OSE advisor gives the final approval. Based on the validity of the information entered, the verifier will either verify or decline the request. In all cases the student will be notified. If you do not receive a notification within 10 working days or if you have any questions, please email us at the Office of Student Engagement at: ccthelp@aucegypt.edu.