Student Governance

AUC students take an active role in improving all aspects of University life. The student government represents, serves, and connects every member of the AUC student community and acts as liaison with the University administration.  The student government is made up of three branches.     


Student Union (SU): is the main executive branch of the student government body. Its wide spectrum of activities and services constitute the core of extracurricular programs on campus. According to its mission, the SU represents, serves, connects and develops diverse student bodies through instigating and organizing different academic and social programs and events. 

The SU president is elected by the entire student body before the end of each academic year.  The president in turn appoints a treasurer, a vice president and other committee heads.

The SU is divided into several basic committees:

• The Academic Committee: Conveys and defends students’ academic grievances, complaints and/or suggestions to the administration. 
• The Activities Committee: Organizes Office of Student Development-approved student activities such as trips, lectures, concerts and other social events.
• The Services Committee: Communicates student grievances and suggestions regarding the maintenance of any service or any of the University’s facilities. This committee also provides services such as the student-run cafeteria and buses. 

Student Senate: is the legislative branch of the student government body and the link between the SU and the General Assembly. They are responsible for overseeing the performance of the SU and initiating legislature for the General Assembly. The Student Senate consists of elected representatives from all academic majors who participate in monitoring the performance of the executive branch as well as policy making affecting students.

Student Court: is the student judiciary authority. It consists of nine students. The Student Court makes sure that the SU members and club officers are committed to fulfilling their responsibilities in a transparent and competent manner. The Student Court is also responsible for monitoring the presidential elections, so as to ensure an objective and impartial electoral process. They make sure that there is a balance of power between all student government bodies.

On an individual level, the Student Court hears complaints of students against fellow students and tries to resolve conflicts by acting as a peer mediator. The Student Court is represented in the Student Disciplinary Committee, which addresses students’ misconduct, both in and out of class. The Student Court works in conjunction with the Academic Integrity Committee in order to enforce the University Code of Ethics. 

Student Organizational Council: To better represent the interests of the students involved in activities, a special entity was established called the Clubs and Conferences Committee (CCC). Each club, conference or association must elect a representative to be a member of the CCC, which meets regularly to discuss any operational issues of concern that affect organizations at AUC.