Transfer Credits

General Rules for Transfer Credit Award

  • Students who are transferring from accredited post-secondary institutions and have taken university-level courses

    The coursework must be taken at post-secondary institution that isrecognized by the Ministry of Higher Education or the Supreme Council ofUniversities for institutions operating outsidethe United States. Post-secondary institutions operating in the UnitedStated must be accredited by a Regional Accrediting Organization.

    Transfer of credits is only considered for university-level courses with a grade that is comparable to at least a C at AUC

    • Grades of Pass, Credit, or Satisfactory are NOT accepted for transfer of credits.
    • Transferred credits will be added to your earned hours but grades will not be computed in the grade point average of your program at AUC.
    • Transfer of credits towards equivalent courses at 300 to 400 levels within student major is limited in accordance with the residence requirements rule at AUC.
    • Studies completed more than five years prior to enrollment at AUC are NOT transferable.
    • Credits earned to satisfy the requirements of a previous degree are NOT considered for transfer credit.
  • Students who have completed, prior joining the University, collegiate-level studies with a grade that is comparable toat least a B at AUC 
    • International Baccalaureate 
      The University grants up to 30 transfer credit for the IB diploma as follows: transfer credits for higher level academic subjectswith grades of five, six, or seven (out of seven). In addition, up to15 credits of lower-division general elective transfer credit for thecompletion of the IB diploma with a minimum total point of 30. AUC doesnot grant transfer credit for subsidiary level subjects.
    • The College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examination
      The University grants transfer credits for academic subjects with scores of four or five (out of five).
    • Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife – Abitur
      The University grants up to 30 transfer credits for academic subjects with scores of ten or more (out of 15).
    • French Baccalaureat II
      The University grants up to 30 transfer credits for academicsubjects with advanced level scores of 14 or more (out of 20).
    • British Certificates (GCE Advanced Level)
      The University grants transfer credits for A-level subjects withgrades of A or B.  The University does not grant transfer credit forsubjects completed at the AS, AO or O-Levels.

Transfer Credits After Matriculation

After matriculation at AUC, the university transfers a maximum of 36 hours of semester credit.

A maximum of 12 transfer credit hours of the permissible 36 hourswill be allowed for courses completed in any one summer session including summerat AUC.

The university transfers a maximum of 9 credits for courses completedthrough correspondence and/or distance learning.  Students may notenroll in such courses offered by other institutions during academicterm in which they are registered for courses at AUC.