Membership Fees

AUC Sports Center Facility Membership Fees and Policies

November 1, 2011 through July 31, 2012

Full-time AUC students*                                                                                            Covered by student fees*


Faculty, Senior Administration, Managerial and Staff A    

Individual membership                                                                                               LE 300 per year or LE 100 per semester

Family (Includes spouse and children under 18, or under 22 if a full-time University student)                                          
LE 500 per year or LE 200 per semester 

Staff B will have use of the facility, free of charge, on designated days only.


Alumni - Individual membership                                                                                           
LE 2,500 per year or LE 1,000 per semester

Athletic Locker Rental Fee - Assigned half-size locker, including towel service              
LE 250 per year                                                               

See locker rental policies for full details.    


Seasonal/special memberships                                                                                   
Prices for Summer 2012 to be set by March 2012.

For special circumstances, visit the Office of Athletics, Room 1006 at the sports center.                                                                        

*Upon payment of student fees for various programs/classifications.


Notes:   Memberships or locker rental fees may be paid in Room 1006 of the sports center. The office accepts payments from 9 am until 3 pm, Sunday through Thursday. All payments must be made in cash.

Children under 14 years of age must be directly supervised by a parent.  Children under 16 years of age are not allowed in the weight rooms at any time.

Use of the Paul B. Hannon Swimming Pool requires users to pass a swim test. The shallow end of the pool is 2 meters deep. As such, non-swimmers, floats and rafts are not permitted in the pool.

There are no additional court fees for tennis or squash court use, nor charges for the recreational use of any other areas. Individual lessons and other special instructional programs (scuba, schools, personal trainers or camps) may require fees to participate.

Sports equipment for many activities is available for checkout free of charge at the control desk near the locker rooms. A valid AUC ID card or Sports Center membership card is required. Items not returned or returned damaged during use will incur a charge.

Please check the Office of Athletics Web site at for full information on the programs, policies and procedures that apply to the use of the sports center.

Questions and/or comments may be directed at any time to the Office of Athletics staff members at .