TheOffice of Athletics offers quality athletic activities and learningopportunities to all students. Its programs promote a healthy lifestyle,discipline, teamwork and leadership development, as well as high standards ofethical conduct and sportsmanship. The sports program emphasizes health andenjoyment through recreation, fitness, competitions and sound physicalhabits. 

Sports facilities at AUC New Cairo areextensive and cater to a wide cross-section of activities and programs. We hopeour sports center meets your needs for exercise and recreational activities,and provides a competitive outlet for interested students.


To provide theappropriate environment that motivates all AUC community members to participatesports as a lifestyle, considering their fitness differences and interests


  • Enrichthe experience of AUC student-athletes through national and internationalsports tournaments and friendly games, serving the University'seducational goals through developing students’ interpersonal skills interms of commitment, teamwork, discipline, respect, accountability andsportsmanship
  • Increasestudents’ contributions in Office of Athletics activities throughdiscussing their ideas and suggestions and checking the possibilities toimplement these suggestions, such as adding new sports, sports trips orfriendly games
  • Encourageall AUC community members to use the Sports Center, which has witnessed asignificant increase in the number of participants in recent years,reflecting the continuous development of the services provided to thewhole community
  • Establishequal, rewarding opportunities and incentives to all student athletes whoaccomplish outstanding sport achievements


AUC's Office of Athletics offersquality athletic activities and learning opportunities to all students. Itsprograms promote a healthy lifestyle, discipline, teamwork and leadershipdevelopment, as well as high standards of ethical conduct and sportsmanship.The sports program emphasizes health and enjoyment through recreation, fitness,competitions and sound physical habits. 

AUC currently provides the following sports:

Competitive Sports
AUC competitive teams compete on anational level every year in different tournaments sponsored by theNational Sports Federation for Universities. The athletics office alsoorganizes trips for teams to compete with other universities in Egypt andabroad, as well as sport days with colleges, clubs and other institutions inEgypt and abroad.

There are 29 different sports type that dividedinto a competitive and uncompetitive type that are listed below:

1.CompetitiveSports, include the following 20 sports:

  • Sports for both (Male &Female)

Basketball, 5Aside, Rugby, Rowing, Water Polo, Swimming, Diving, Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash,Badminton, Gymnastic, Speed ball, Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Track& Field, and Frisbee.


  • Sports for Male only

Wrestling, Body Building, and Football 

2.Noncompetitivesports, include the following 9 sports:

      Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding, Kick Boxing, kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu (Formales only), mixed martial arts, Freeletics, Speed Skating, and finallyaerobics and fitness classes that include toning, ABS, Pilates, yoga, spinning, insanity, Zumba fitness, cardio kickboxing, and the women’s health program.

If you have a suggestion for a new sport, feel free to stop by the Office of Athletics to discuss your idea. Youmay also contact Ms. Amira Farag at or 20.2.2615.4064.