Faculty Advisor

What is the Role of the Faculty Adviser? There are broad functions for faculty advisers for the student organization, such as coaching and mentoring students.
There are specific requirements for the faculty adviser:

  • Clubs and other student associations may publish magazines, newsletters or other types of written material related to the association's activities in accordance with AUC‘s Advertising and Promotional Policy and the Press Board Guidelines. Clubs and associations that wish to publish any type of material must work with an adviser as described above. Without exception, content of a publication must be approved by the club's adviser prior to publication. Supervising compliance with the AUC academic integrity standards, including loading student publications through Turnitin.com, is the responsibility of the faculty adviser. 
  • Magazines or newspapers and conference publications are the responsibility of the students; however, the content review is done by the faculty adviser only. 
  • Publications produced by student organizations should be shared with the organization‘s faculty adviser.
  • Faculty advisers must review student magazines, newspapers or conference proceedings to ensure that they meet the University standards of academic integrity.

 What is the Relationship Between OSD Adviser and Faculty Adviser? While the responsibility of supervising and coaching club leaders rests primarily with the faculty advisers, s/he is also expected to coordinate with OSD with regard to the following matters:
  • Approval of the organization‘s comprehensive budget and plan for each semester
  • Holding periodic meetings with club members and OSD staff to ensure a smooth implementation process of the plan, at least once per semester
  • Advising organization members on suitable trainings for their members
  • Reviewing the academic content of certain activities such as student conferences and seminars
  • Approval of all student publications related to their organization
  • Attending and chaperoning key events of the organization
  • Films, videos, posters, banners, cassettes, play scripts, etc. should be submitted ten working days prior to the activity for approval of the both faculty adviser and OSD
  • Faculty advisers should coordinate with the OSD adviser the chaperone(s) joining the trips/camps/retreats of the clubs and organizations. If they can not join the trip, and the trip needs more than one chaperone, they need to assign a chaperone that they believe can fulfill the role. Click here to review the role of the trip chaperone.
  • Trips through academic associations are done entirely through the academic departments and need to be approved and coordinated by the academic adviser. OSD can provide guidance through its own experience with the trips; however, the procedures and all logistics pertaining to the trip are dealt with the department.
  • Faculty advisers and professional staff members are encouraged to chaperone student outings. If this is not available, OSD may arrange an escort for the group from the AUC Security Office.
  • Last but not least, faculty are encouraged to meet or talk with an OSD adviser to know the timeline for executing an event on campus. Some events are large scale and require a long timeline for planning and execution, in which many parties are involved, such as security, safety, events office, CTMS and controllers' office. Others need minimal planning. For a reference for the services deadlines in OSD and on campus, click here. It will help us coordinate and align our efforts to facilitate event execution. 
  • Organization budgets are usually allocated after one month from the start of the semester. This is because the final budget is allocated from the University and the Conferences and Clubs Committee review the budgets submitted from each organization and allocate the money for each club.
General Notes 
  • Student organizations are governed by the student government and hence operate through the constitution voted on by the AUC student population. Accordingly, many of the decisions taken are quite independent. It is advisable to read the AUC student constitution for a complete understanding of how the governance operates. Click here to view the constitution. 
  • The Office of Student Development prepared a manual which includes the guidelines under which the student organizations can function within the guidelines of AUC. Click here to view the manual. 
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