The ""A" Formula"



If you think that getting an A is a dream, you are probably mistaken.
 Prerequisites for an "A" Student
- Developing a strong belief in yourself
- Thinking carefully before choosing a major
- Knowing that an "A" student is someone who likes what he/she is doing and not just someone who memorizes a bunch of papers
- Setting your goals carefully according to your own capabilities bearing in mind that no one knows yourself better than you do
→Long-term goal: Overall GPA on graduation
→Short-term goal: Expected grade in each course
Two Electives
- Keep searching for a good professor and not for easy courses
→A good professor and a hard course = Learning a lot and an A
- Managing your time in an efficient way
→Keep a calendar where you can write the due dates of your assignments and exams
The Core Formula
- Regular attendance and participation
→Guarantees you the 10 percent attendance and participation
- Taking good notes: either in points or in a paragraph form
→Makes it easier when it comes to studying since the material appears familiar
→You may study from these notes later
- Studying in an effective way

How to Study in an Effective Way

Deciding how to study will depend mostly on your professor’s teaching style:
-If in class, your professor covers exactly the same material as found in your text book
→You can read the text book and study from your in-class notes
- If your professor does not cover all the included material in the text book:
→Skim through the whole chapter or article to get a general idea
→Go through every point carefully
→Start highlighting the most important points
→Come up with a combination of study notes consisting of your in-class notes and the highlighted points of your text book and outside reading material
→Start studying.

One Final Tip

Be selective when studying for essay exams where you are given a choice of two out of three questions to answer.
→Review all study material, paying attention to each general topic
→Omit the most difficult chapter, article, or topic
→Concentrate on studying the chapters or articles that you understand the most

 Then, enjoy the feeling of getting an A, but an A- is not that bad either.