Faculty and Facilitators

The following faculty and staff members are available to provide you with expert advice and answer any questions you may have: 


FYE Faculty List Spring 2014





Andrea Long along@aucegypt.edu
Amani Demian amanid@aucegypt.edu
Anthony Leone aleone@aucegypt.edu
Ashraf Abdelbar akhalil@aucegypt.edu
Awad Khalil amanid@aucegypt.edu
Angie Abdel Zaher angie.zaher@aucegypt.edu
Ann Boudinot-Amin annbamin@aucegypt.edu
Dina Gomaa dinagoma@aucegypt.edu
Dina Rateb dfr@aucegypt.edu
Doris Jones djones@aucegypt.edu
Mohamed G. Hassan m.g.hassan@aucegypt.edu
Hoda Grant Grant@aucegypt.edu
Hossam Attiah hattiah@aucegypt.edu
Kamila Helmy kamila@aucegypt.edu
Maha Hassan mahassan@aucegypt.edu
Mariah Fairley mariah@aucegypt.edu
Mark Michael mrmikhael@aucegypt.edu
Michael Gibson mgibson@aucegypt.edu
Michelle Henry mhenry@aucegypt.edu
Mohamed Awny Dabbour dabbour@aucegypt.edu
Mona El Saady monsaady@aucegypt.edu
Rania Jabr jabr_r@aucegypt.edu
Richard Hoath rhoath@aucegypt.edu
Shaden Khallaf skhallaf@aucegypt.edu
Sherine Ramzy sheramzy@aucegypt.edu
Stephen Urgola surgola@aucegypt.edu
Victoria Paget vpaget@aucegypt.edu
Wendy Reed wendy.reed@aucegypt.edu