Thank You

From: AUC President

Dear Staff and Faculty,

This past year has tested every member of the AUC community. Together we have risen to its challenges, continuing to deliver the quality academic program our students expect and deserve, while maintaining the health and safety of our community during the ongoing pandemic. In recognition of these successes — in large part thanks to the sustained individual and collective performance of our faculty and staff — and notwithstanding stringent budget exigencies, the Board of Trustees has approved our recommendation to grant deserving members of the faculty and staff a one-time merit bonus with the March 2021 payroll.

HR and the provost’s office will share specific details of the bonus and how it correlates to the most recent individual performance reviews.  

Over the three sessions of the Winter 2021 Board of Trustees meeting last month, we focused keenly on AUC’s people: students, faculty and staff.  The Trustees examined in detail the challenges we face in continuing to recruit and retain the highest quality people across the institution, in an increasingly competitive global market for talent. Both external market and internal data demonstrate that AUC continues to be the employer of choice in Egyptian higher education. We generally enjoy strong applicant pools and competitive compensation packages in the majority of job categories, while facing strong competition in a number of specific job types. The University is facing critical choices as we continue to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of higher education in both Egypt and around the world. We must and will find new and creative ways to remain globally competitive in our human talent while simultaneously managing our financial resources with rigorous discipline. In our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation for our value-conscious students and parents, you, our faculty and staff, play the central role.

Thank you for your contribution to making AUC the fine institution it is today and for the future. 


Francis J. Ricciardone