Fayoum Oasis is Egypt's largest oasis. It is not a pure oasis like the other ones of Egypt, as most of its water comes from the Nile. But it is a depression, and it has its own artesian wells, allowing water to reach the surface from underground reservoirs. The extent of it is quite grand, and the green gardens seem to go on and on. Its villages are simple and far too often filthy, making a stark contrast to the gardens and the splendid past.

Important sites include:

  • Wadi Al Hytan
  • Wadi Rayan
  • Water Wheels
  • Lake Qarun
  • Qasr Qarun
  • Madinat Madi
  • Karans
  • Damia
  • Monastery of the Archangel Gabriel
  • Umm El Garagat