How can I reserve a car ?

You can reserve a car through any of the following options: 

1) Reserve through the system 

 You can reach the carpool system via:

N.B: If it is your first time to use the reservation system, please refer to the maunal.



2) Reserve through e-mail 

To reserve a car, you can send us an e-mail to with the following details: 

 i.Full name ii.AUC ID iii.Cell phone iv.Reservation Type : Private/ Business v.Car type: Sedan/Minibus/Microbus vi.Department Name vii.Date and place for pickup  viii.Date and place for drop off

3) Reserve through the Carpool office

 The Carpool office is located at the bus terminal. 
Please click here to identify the location of the Carpool Office at the Bus Teminal. 

What steps should I go through through to reserve a car?