Fifth Annual Eureca Conference

"Researching Cairo: Undergraduate Perspectives Across the Disciplines"
April 26-27, 2010
Moataz Al Alfi Hall

What characterizes Cairo? What social, historical, political and economic factors contribute to its making and what smaller forces shape it? Cairo changes ever so rapidly that some would argue it is in the midst of an identity crisis. From the construction of urban communities and cultures to the emergence of new phenomena such as gentrification, hyper-ghettos, satellite cities, urban slums, squatter communities and gated communities, the city is changing faster than its inhabitants can absorb. A critical historical and sociological perspective of "The City Victorious" at the crossroads of conflicting global interests and cultural metamorphoses exposes the diversity and evolution of the urban space in this once traditional society. 

In this research conference, 52 presenters explore through the disciplines themes such as modernization,  nationalism, development, urban division, social networking, poverty, gender, environment, citizenship, literature, community psychology and social mobility among other topics. This conference gives participants the ability to think about where they live, both as active researchers, artists, passive observers, inevitable participants in what makes this city that we live in so distinct.


The Fifth Annual EURECA Conference Program Book