Student Research Poster Competition

Abstracts for student posters should be electronically submitted via this website. Please make sure that you are logged in to your AUC email account on any browser so that you are able to access the application form.

The abstract submission system will remain open until January 31, 2017 

Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by a committee composed of AUC faculty members from various disciplines. Successful participants will be informed via email.

Nominated students will receive instructions on poster specifications and procedures. Outstanding posters will be given awards in a special ceremony.

A research poster is a visual presentation of your research study. Posters are a common medium of research display in the academic community.  


To participate in the Poster Competition, you

  • Have to be currently enrolled or to have graduated during the previous academic year.

  • Must be affiliated to the school of your major.

  • Have to be a declared student, presenting research in your major.


  • Research assistants or research staff members who have not currently enrolled students at AUC are not eligible to participate.

  • Students are allowed a maximum two submissions.

Awards Policy

Awards for poster competition for students:

For Graduate Posters

  • A certificate and monetary prize of LE 5,000 for the best graduate poster in each school will be presented to the winners. 

  • A school has to have more than 10 participants to compete.

  • If a school has more than 30 participants, there will be two awards.

For Undergraduate Posters

  • A certificate and monetary prize of LE 3,000 for the best three undergraduate posters will be presented to the winners. 


An effective poster:

  • Presents the research in a logically-organized way, reading from the top-left to the bottom-right corner of the poster.

  • Utilizes the white space well so that it is not overcrowded or underutilized.

  • Employs both text and graphics (figures, pictures, graphs and photos) to present the message in a balanced and visually-appealing manner.

  • Uses large enough font-size to be read easily at a distance. 

  • Presents the information concisely, employing bullet points and selecting only the key pieces of information.

  • Is complete and self-explanatory so that a viewer would understand the poster, even in the absence of a presenter.

Evaluation Criteria


  • Well-articulated research question that addresses complex issue

  • Key background literature that contextualizes the research

  • Appropriateness of method to research question 

  • Persuasive, logically-organized research argument

  • Logical, numerical, or illustrative support, checked for accuracy, currency and relevance

  • Sound conclusion that offers an insight or original contribution to the field

  • Citation of sources and graphics/photos, both in-text and in list of references


The organization/sections of the poster may vary depending on the disciplinary area.  The following are suggested sub-sections of the poster, classified by discipline. Feel free to relabel or modify the sections, as appropriate to your research argument.

A poster on a science or social science topic may be organized into:

  • Research Question

  • Key Studies in the Literature (3-4 point summary)

  • Method

  • Results

  • Analysis and Discussion 

  • Conclusion and Implications

  • References

A poster on a humanities topic may be organized into:

  • Research Question/Thesis

  • Theoretical Background

  • Key Studies in the Literature (3-4 point summary)

  • Approach 

  • Main Points of Logical Argument

  • Conclusion/Significance/Future Directions

  • References

Layout and Format

  • Divide the material into vertical columns on the poster

  • Use at least 18-point type in the body of your poster, and at least 40-point for the title

  • Size the poster for a 1 meter by 1-meter display board

  • Spell out acronyms if used

  • Check accuracy of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation

  • Accompany tables or charts with bullets explaining major findings

  • Use visuals only to support your argument, not for cosmetic effect

Use the following PowerPoint Poster slides as the template for your poster:

School of Business

School of Global Affairs and Public Policy

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Science and Engineering

Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies

Graduate School of Education

The Academy of Liberal Arts


You can reposition or relabel the text boxes, but you have to use the template design and the AUC/school nameplate.

The Office of the Vice Provost will cover the expenses of printing the posters for students. For durability, select wrinkle-free fabric, and water-resistant ink for printing.  

Poster presenters present to a "walking audience." All the presenters are lined up next to their posters while audience members walk through the exhibition. Every time somebody new comes to your poster, you need to explain to them what your research is about and what your findings are. You will remain with your poster for the entire duration of the poster session, greeting and presentation to new clusters of audience members. You do NOT also need a PowerPoint slideshow.  The poster is your channel of communication.

Posters selected for AUC Research Week remain with the organizers for continued wall displays in the departments.