Academy of Liberal Arts (ALA) Symposium

The Academy of Liberal Arts (ALA) is committed to delivering a high-quality and transformative educational experience for students to help them become globally engaged citizens. The ALA Symposium brings together into one cohesive and connective thread, the scholarship of ALA faculty members, who showcase AUC’s focus on the liberal arts and language instruction. Accordingly, research, creative work, integrative learning practices, community engagement, pedagogy, and cross-disciplinary collaborative partnerships are the focuses of high-impact practices within the ALA.


All faculty in the Department of Rhetoric and Composition, the Department of English Language Instruction, and the Department of Arabic Language Instruction are eligible for participation in this event.

Assessment Criteria

Selected presentations have to have one of the following focus points:

  • Research in the disciplines of education, teaching, writing, and language learning
  • Classroom action research
  • Demo on teaching techniques

Application Process

Deadline for Submissions

March 2, 2019

Proposal Evaluation

  • Applications are assessed by an evaluation committee of selected ALA faculty