A Century of Liberal Arts Symposium


Call for Presentations

Integrative learning transcends academic boundaries and encourages students to address real-world problems, synthesize multiple areas of knowledge, and consider issues from a variety of perspectives. Promoting an integrative learning approach brings the student learning experience into a coherent whole that prepares them for their personal, professional, and civic life - the core aim of a liberal arts education.

AUC’s Liberal Arts Symposium will feature presentations that highlight research, works-in-progress, teaching strategies and tools which advance the priorities of an integrative liberal learning curriculum and offer transferable impact across the disciplines. Symposium contributions are open to all AUC faculty, and may fall in the areas included in, but not limited to the list below:

  1. Critical, Creative and Integrative Thinking
  2. First-Year and Capstone Experiences
  3. Minors and Core Curricula
  4. Developmental Language Learning
  5. Undergraduate Research and Inquiry-based Learning
  6. Experiential Learning and Community-Based Learning
  7. Common Reading Experience (CRE)
  8. Collaborative/Problem-based Learning
  9. Internships, Study Abroad and Career Preparation
  10. Learning Communities and Peer Learning
  11. Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing Center
  12. Digital Liberal Arts
  13. Entrepreneurial Learning
  14. Student/Faculty Mentorship and Development
  15. Counseling, Diversity and Special Needs
  16. Global Learning and Cross-Cultural Dialogues
  17. Ethics and Character Development
  18. Tandem Courses and Team-Teaching
  19. Reflective Learning and E-Portfolios
  20. Planning, Assessment and Program/Learning Outcomes