Licensing and Confidentiality

The TTO office operates to help you, through its activities and services, by having our AUC technologies available for licensing. Through this, we create a link between the industry and university, and achieve our objective of benefiting the public.
It is our hope that you, as a company, group, or individual, seek our help and guidance to a variety of ground-breaking technology solutions. AUC acknowledges licenses for patented and/or copyrighted inventions to start-ups that are both financially and technologically capable of moving early stage inventions to commercially successful products.

You can work with AUC by:

  • Sponsoring a collaborative commercialization project related to:
    • Licensing technologies our researchers have already discovered
    • Using our unique facilities and exceptional services

Companies interested in Intellectual Property available for licensing are free to look at what we can offer for them. For more information please [contact] one of our Technology Transfer Officers.
Our office assures you a fair, trusted, recorded, and mutually beneficial relationship between the university and you. Our core activities maintain strong links with our service providers, which include:

  • Patent Agents
  • Legal Firms and Mentors
  • Technology Investors
  • Fund and Incubation Manager

When dealing, licensing, and contracting with companies, it crucial that there is a confidentiality agreement for the benefit of the company as well as the university. The main purpose of the agreement is to ensure that the contracting party does not pass on to third parties or disseminate relevant information to in-house staff outside those directly involved in the project. Confidentiality between the university and your company is a means in which both parties are guaranteed the security of the project, the protection of the process and agreement, and is made to assure the safety of both entities. You can find the confidentiality agreement by clicking [here].