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Moving to Online Modes of Instruction

Converting a face-to-face course to online mode in an emergency situation can be challenging for faculty and students alike. Careful planning, continuous communication, and community support and collaboration are the keys to managing this situation. Clear and frequent communication between faculty and their students is essential. Flexibility with options and deadlines and providing support to students as needed can reduce students' anxiety and enable a successful transition.

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    Guide to Design your Course for Online Instruction

    This resource is designed to help you think about how you will teach online. We encourage you to review the “Getting Started” section before you think about building your course.

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    Preparing to go Online  - Spring 2020

    The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) has recommended three basic tools within Blackboard, AUC’s learning management system, together with the lecture-capturing tool Panopto as essential tools to satisfy most faculty teaching and assessment needs.

    These tools will allow faculty to:

    1. Communicate with students and share learning materials, and/or

    2. Record lectures with video and PowerPoint presentation, and/or 

    3. Upload assignments, give feedback online and grade, and/or

    4. Post and conduct online discussions

    Faculty had the opportunity to complete training on these tools provided by the university. Faculty who have not completed the training or need a refresher may access resources here or attend CLT webinars. See Section II and find updated resources, guidelines, and webinars at the useful resources section above.                       

    Support for Going Online

    This section provides information on technology support for going online, remote CLT support including pedagogy support, and contact information.