Engaging with the Community and the World

Bringing the best scholars and students to AUC from around the world

AUC is recognized across the globe as a distinctive institution for its academic programs, research and outreach. The University already has an exceedingly diverse and productive faculty and student body, yet we aim to continually increase our prominence and impact. The Office of Strategic and International Initiatives supports and guides such efforts.

The following are just some examples of what attracts top-ranked scholars and students to the University:

  • AUC's diversity, as illustrated in a graphic showing the current location (defined by address) of all the University's active alumni, including diploma and nondegree students
  • AUC’s research, as illustrated by the many groundbreaking initiatives and discoveries by its faculty roster . Also, the many international awards given to AUC faculty members, such as Texas Christian University's Global Innovator Award given to Hassan Azzazy, chemistry professor
  • AUC’s research program, as illustrated through its generous and productive research grant program
  • AUC's increasing global rankings, as indicated in the recent QS Report