Campus Projects Updates

The management and operation team is excited by all the work done this year. We are keen to provide the best services for the University’s attendees and take care of the campus stakeholders' needs. During fall 2019, we took over the major project of retooling our campus planning and services. Since we built the AUC campus 10 years ago, we began by updating our master plan to adopt changes for the stakeholder needs. We are approaching this by engaging the stakeholders and the consulting team to reach our collective needs and goals. We also hired an associate vice president for campus services to restructure our operations so that we can meet the challenges presented by the AUC New Cairo campus's ever-growing global footprint like a space for academic inquiry and discussion. 10 years into using our AUC New Cairo campus, we are doing well on our way to prepare for the next 100 years.

Campus Planning Updates

TSEBO became the new vendor for both the AUC New Cairo campus and the Falaki Building. TSEBO has over 50 years of catering experience and employs over 14,000 in this sector in Africa and the Middle East. Meanwhile, the Tahrir Cultural Center (TCC) opened a new cafeteria with two different vendors inside. 

The School of Continuing Education moved to the campus development building. The school represents the first building block of our expansion plan of underutilized space on the eastern campus. 

The design of the innovation hub, for short, has begun. The innovation hub will be located in the Hebeika building in the southwest portion of the campus. It will serve a satellite research center for innovative companies, organizations and individuals seeking synergies with AUC’s leading faculty, students and alumni on multidisciplinary research and its practical applications; create a co-working space for startups; support social innovation and policy research; provide business and advisory services for the innovation ecosystem and build a vibrant entrepreneurial community. Hebeika building is being remodeled to accommodate the hub for interdisciplinary research, interactive conference rooms, startup spaces, and collaborative open office spaces. The hub will also have a cafeteria and an outdoor space.

The Office of Planning, Design, and Construction acted quickly to alleviate walking entrance congestion at the bus gate and Omar Mohsen Gate by opening a new gate by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HUSS) building. The new arts gate has seen lots of use and has helped improve the ease of access to campus. 

The Omar Mohsen Gate has proven to be popular with students this year given its proximity to the School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE) and Abdul Latif Jameel buildings. We are expanding it so it has more gates to accommodate peak hour demand in the morning.

A number of spaces on campuses were renovated as our space plan continues to evolve over nearly a decade in New Cairo. We renovated the dean’s office, the international student’s office, and the parent’s association. 

A new off-campus housing building was completed at plot 2 across the street from the New Cairo campus and opened for use for the spring semester. It has 55 apartments which will be used to increase capacity for international students from our expanding partnerships abroad. 

We built a green roof on the faculty housing in plot 3. To maintain the grass and plants we installed an automatic irrigation and drainage system. The roof will support our sustainability goals by offsetting some of the carbon usages at our building as well as provide a recreation space for our faculty and their families. 


Facts and Figures

132 out of 720 in the world, moving up 4 ranks. There are numerous efforts across the University that aim at reducing the carbon footprint and encourage members of the community to live more sustainable lifestyles. Under the direction of the ERCE Energy Task Force, AUC has reduced its energy usage by approximately 33% since its establishment in 2011. Currently, recycled wastewater is used for 100% of irrigation for campus landscaping.  Current recycling efforts have led to a 33% decrease in emissions relating to solid waste consumption from 2012. In an effort to reduce plastic water bottle usage on campus, the Office of Sustainability has installed 36 water dispensers that supply filtered, chilled drinking water for students, faculty and staff to fill their reusable bottles. Since 2018, the Office of Sustainability has hosted events celebrating Campus Sustainability Month. In 2019, the month included a series of awareness events covering an array of sustainability issues, including plastic waste, food waste, transportation emissions, and water conservation. 

December 5-7, we hosted the largest entrepreneurship conference in the Middle East on our New Campus. This was New Campus’s first campus-wide externally-hosted hosted event. Bringing business leaders across the Middle East, AUC was the center stage for discussions of innovation in the 21st century. We hope to continue to collaborate with events like Rise Up in order to include AUC in conversations on developing the future.


Medical Campaigns

Around 600 staff members showed up for the 3 days of the screening, to help each one know what his test results represent to his health.

Dr. Tamer Manie from Assalam Hospital gave a lecture about the importance of testing for breast cancer as it is the most curable kind of cancer when detected in early stages.

The medical services sponsored some of the items in the SU “welcome pack” this year and placed a flyer with travel tips in each pack. We had a booth in the event distributing flyers encouraging students to come to the nutrition clinic and the smoking cessation clinic.

First aid sessions (Beginners Level) were given for the AUC scouts team and groups of AUC students. The topics covered in the session included, how to manage unconscious cases (breathing and non-breathing),  drowning, bleeding, burns, fractures, eye injuries, shock, convulsions, poisoning, bites, and more.

The medical team (one doctor, two nurses) went to the AUC residency to have residents check their vital signs.

We had a booth in the plaza during the Christmas celebration event on the last day of classes to distribute flyers on how to beat exam stress and embrace it.

We distributed a flyer in the different AUC channels of communication for measures needed to be taken to help prevent the seasonal flu as well as announcing the availability of the flu vaccine in the Medical Office.

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety spearheaded a driving safety campaign from October 13-17th to highlight the importance of road safety. The week included a defensive driving simulator in Bartlett Plaza, which community members could come to learn defensive driving techniques. There was also a seat-belt demonstration ride that imitated crash-speeds to show the life-saving impacts of seat belts. Lastly, the office provided free tire maintenance for all community members to prepare drivers for the wet winter weather. 


Community Outreach

1. Travel and Business Support play an important role in leading our community engagement. They led trips to Saqqara and Dahshur, Minya, and the Pharaonic village for the benefit of our staff, especially new ones from abroad eager to see the country. They also set up Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations around campus and planned and executed the Christmas. 

2. Security successfully managed over 15 large events including Tamer Hosny’s concert as well as the Commencement and the Rise Up Summit, where they coordinated over 200 security guards to ensure the safety of the event which extended outside of the walking gates. We appreciate their excellent coordination of various departments across campus to handle extra crowds and safety concerns. 

3. Travel and Business Support continued to provide excellent travel support for the AUC community and for business. They completed 1400 travel requests to assist in faculty and administration work and conferences across Egypt and the world. They also handled over 400 work residency renewals for foreign faculty and staff and over 250 student visas.