Working Hours and Attendance

Hours, Overtime and Emergency Leave


Working Hours

Office hours per week are fixed by the University’s administration and are as follows:

  • Daily from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm including half an hour break.
  • Weekly rest: Friday and Saturday (Except SSS* and other job holders whose nature of work entails coming on Saturdays), Friday and another day as per agreed department schedule). 

*SSS Support staff members that are filling skilled, semi-skilled and service jobs

Additional Working Hours

Should the need arise, employees may be asked to work at hours other than those established above on condition that they do not conflict with provisions of the Egyptian labor law.

Staff on levels one to nine working more than 210 hours per month are paid overtime.

Overtime is not applicable for: 

  • Staff members on level ten and above

  • Staff members on travel for official business

  • Staff members going on business training covered by AUC beyond official working hours

Overtime payments are made in accordance with the rates shown below.

If overtime is made during regular workdays:

  • Hourly salary x hours worked above normal working hours x 1.35 (before sunset)

  • Hourly salary x hours worked above normal working hours x 1.70 (after sunset)

If overtime is made on weekends or holidays:

  • Hourly salary x hours worked on weekends and/or holidays x 2

Hourly rate is calculated as follows:

  • Monthly Gross Salary/210 hours 

 (Taking into account that Fridays, Saturdays and  official holidays are paid days)

Overtime is approved and documented in advance by direct supervisors. When overtime materializes, the staff member obtains their direct supervisor's authorization for payment and sends the document to the Office of Human Resources for verification, and then the payroll office for payment with the monthly salary.


FAQs - Overtime

Leaving Work for an Emergency

In an emergency, an employee may leave from work with prior permission from his/her direct manager.

Emergency Absence and Leave

Emergency absenteeism and leave are allowed when an emergency arises suddenly making it impossible for an employee to obtain prior permission for leave (see item Emergency Leave (casual) in this chapter). However, such emergency leave paid days may not exceed a total of seven days a year.

University Schedule Change

The University reserves the right to change or revise its schedule of working hours whenever work conditions and requirements make it imperative to do so within the limits of the labor law and all other relevant governmental decrees. Any change will be announced through administrative bulletins published for this purpose.