Training and Development Programs

Training and Development Programs


The Office of Training and Development aims to build a culture of high performance and accountability where leaders take personal responsibility for developing and coaching people to strive for excellence through providing fully integrated and high-quality solutions.

Vision: To be the premier office in providing hands-on practice training programs in human and organizational capacity building

Training Needs Analysis: The training programs plan is based on AUC strategy, the AUC mission of building a culture of leadership, continuing education and service, the AUC core values of excellence and lifelong learning, in addition to staff questionnaires, interviews and performance development guide. Our methodology is "learn by doing," whereby new concepts are introduced; evaluate how to perform them and practice newly acquired skills in specially designed, integrated simulations. 

Training Services: The training and development services include open-enrollment programs, knowledge network and catered solutions. Customized programs are tailored to AUC departments based on the department’s special request and cost is covered from the budget of the requested department. Accordingly, the diverse awareness, technical and soft-skills training solutions accessible meet the University's employees’ continuous personal and professional development needs, improve their knowledge, skills and abilities, and optimize the performance level in the work place, thus bridging the gap between the actual performance state and the desired performance state. 

Training Policy:
Training programs are launched annually in October. All regular staff is eligible to attend the workshops that match their job level. Each staff member is entitled to attend a maximum of five workshops per academic year. Registration procedures take place online.

Registration for staff B is made by sending a signed hard copy of the application form to the Office of Training and Development. Reservation is made on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications must include the approval of the immediate supervisor. Participant’s cancellation should be made one week prior to the workshop.

Responsibilities: All department heads and supervisors are expected to provide opportunities for training of personnel under their direction and to evaluate the performance of such personnel in accordance with the established training programs.