Remote Work Policy


Procedure for Working Remotely

Under certain circumstances, usually on an ad-hoc basis and only for cases greater than one week in duration, staff members may request to conduct their work at home or at another off-campus location. The staff member must meet all of the following conditions to apply, written below. 

  1. Type of work:
    1. The staff member must not interact face-to-face with customers or personnel within the university on a regular basis.
    2. The staff member must not be assigned to work as a critical staff member during emergency situations or inclement weather.
    3. Work assignments must be “portable” and not restricted to the campus. 
    4. On-site access to special equipment(s), materials, or resources must not be a necessary element of the job.
    5. The staff member’s absence must not affect the overall functionality of the office by depriving it of the number of people necessary to run efficiently.
    6. The staff member must not be handling sensitive information, such as credit card, health information or confidential data, unless a secure method of accessing these databases has been confirmed by IT.
    7. The staff member must not be handling sensitive information such as credit card, health information or confidential data, unless a secure method of accessing these databases has been confirmed by IT.
  2. Agreement from supervisor:
    1. The staff member must have the approval of his/her direct supervisor.
    2. There must be a clear understanding between the staff member and the supervisor as to how monitoring, verification and supervision will take place remotely. Monitoring must happen at least once a week. 
    3. The supervisor must confirm that the staff member has not been irresponsible, negligent or are in need of heavy monitoring and supervision on a regular basis.

If a staff member meets all the above requirements, they should coordinate with IT about their technical needs. The University may provide a laptop, DSL connection, tech support (for University-provided equipment), a Virtual Private Network (VPN) account, anti-virus software and any technological equipment necessary to carry out the staff member’s responsibilities, contingent on the department’s budget being able to support these additional costs. The staff member must confirm with IT that their applications are secure and that accessing network drives or files will not risk the safety of those drives or files. All remote access to SAP, SIS, Banner Self-Service or other private data collections must be made through the VPN connection.

The staff member must in return sign an agreement indicating that he or she will not use this equipment for personal use and that their family members will not abuse this equipment. This agreement will also indicate the dates the staff member will be working remotely. If this is an ad-hoc agreement, longer-term plans must be approved by the HR office in advance. One copy of this agreement will go in the staff member’s files in the human resources office. 

The staff member is required to be present for the full work day in one of the two campuses at least three times each week while he/she is working remotely. Salary and benefits will not be affected if the staff member is only working from home at an ad-hoc basis and satisfies their work obligations.  Long-term remote working that sacrifices responsibilities or quality may be subject to a re-evaluation of the staff member’s contract. The manager reserves the right to cancel any and all remote work arrangements previously agreed upon.

The following is a flow chart detailing the action points taken by either the staff member requesting to work remotely or management, which includes the department head, supervisor, and the Office of Human Resources: 





Performed by



Identify need or opportunity for remote work

Staff member or host department



Assess whether work can be formed remotely




Determine whether remote work is appropriate and will be pursued




Outline an initial draft of the Remote Work Arrangement Agreement form and discuss details and implications (such as for department/unit resources, direct customer contact, etc.) with the department/unit head and/or the unit’s human resource manager

Staff member and management



Finalize the review and approval of the Remote Work Arrangement Agreement Form

Supervisor, department/unit head, and/or local HR representative



Review implementation and performance on a regular and appropriate schedule. Introduce modifications to the arrangement, if needed, to ensure that the arrangement supports both American University in Cairo and staff member objectives. Work continuously to resolve conflicts that arise.

Staff member and management

Continuation or Discontinuation


Discuss continuation or discontinuation at the end of each semester. An extension of the arrangement must be approved and documented by all involved parties. Discontinuation may be elected by staff or management at any time during the arrangement, with reasonable notice.

Staff member and management



Finalize review and approval regarding the continuation of the remote working arrangement, or confirm discontinuation. 



Remote Work Agreement Form