Recruitment and Selection

Overview of Recruitment Procedures 

Recruitment starts when there is a vacancy that needs to be filled. This vacancy may exist through the transfer, resignation, dismissal, leave without pay, retirement or death of a current employee or through an approved position by the cabinet.

The vacancy is advertised through The American University in Cairo’s website and other various channels, establishing equal opportunity for anyone to apply. No interviews are to be made to any candidate without passing through the human resources recruitment cycle.


Qualification Outlines for Candidates

In order to ensure the selection of high-caliber candidates for open positions at AUC, the University will use application screening, reference checks, interviews and various relevant tests administered by or through the Offices of Human Resources.


Selection of Candidates

Selection of candidates depends on meeting the requirements and insuring the following:

  • Candidates have applied through the HR office, no applications will be considered otherwise.  Referrals have to be sent to HR before the deadline of the announcement.
  • The HR office conducts the preliminary interview for candidates then selects the best qualified candidates and sends them to the hiring department for the technical interview and assessment.
  • Internal candidates can apply after a minimum period of one year of occupying the current job at AUC.
  • If a candidate leaves before the probation period is over (three months), the department has the right to go directly to the previous interviewees without re-advertising for the position.
  • HR prepares a pool of candidates for general jobs (i.e. admin, accounting, etc.) and present them to the department as part of the HR shortlist.
  • If the department decides to do a panel interview, an HR representative has to be present.
  • HR has to receive employment application before day 25 of each month.
  • All candidates level 10 and above have to be interviewed by the director of talent management and from level 13 and above have to be interviewed by the executive AVP for human resources, prior to issuing the letter of Intent.


Hiring of Relatives

For the policy on hiring relatives, click here. 


English-Language Skills Requirements

The University reserves the right to interview and examine candidates applying for positions and to turn down applicants not fulfilling the standards or requirements of the position as stated in the job description. As an American institution, English language proficiency for the position is a condition for the employment of staff members. Standards are set for each job family and level according to the job requirements. Career advancement is contingent on acquiring the appropriate level.


Evaluation Test Requirement

Applicants may be required to take one or more test(s) in related areas of knowledge and skills in order that an accurate assessment of the proficiency level can be determined. The test is valid for six months.


Misrepresentation of Candidates and Employee Information

Prior to hiring, applicants are required to submit their curriculum vitae or resume, permitting evaluation of their qualifications, experience and background against the job requirements as stated in the job description. The candidate is held accountable for the information provided on the resume and later on the application form when completed. According to Egyptian law, any misrepresentation or concealment of information will result in exclusion from employment or contract termination if employment has already taken place.


Final Approval of Candidate

Administrative directors and/or department chairs participate in the selection and interview process to select the most qualified candidate for an existing vacancy. For managerial positions, final approval for employment is confirmed by the area head who approves the appointment and placement of the candidate for the specific position.