Medicare Medical Plan

In addition to the medical care  provided through the AUC clinic, a local health plan is provided to full-time AUC employees, based on the request of the syndicate as the official body representing staff members. The plan is currently administered by Medicare, an Egyptian health care company.


    • All support staff members
    • Staff at the managerial level (and faculty members) enrolled in the international plan are eligible, provided that they pay both the employee and the University shares


      Participation is compulsory for all support staff members employed since September 1996, unless enrolled in another plan providing medical services of similar nature and quality as those provided through the AUC plan. For regular employees hired prior to this date, all skilled and semi-skilled positions, externally funded project/grant and casual employees, participation is voluntary.

      Starting March 2006, support staff members whose monthly salary is LE 2,000 or more are placed at Level B coverage, unless they opt for a higher level. Upon enrollment in the plan, the participant receives ID card(s) to receive full coverage within the network of providers, according to the contractual terms.

      Subscriptions and Coverage Levels

      The local health plan consists of four levels of coverage, each with a corresponding ceiling and premium paid in Egyptian pounds according to subscription: single rate, spouse rate and child rate. The University pays half the premium for the employee, one spouse and two children only, and subsequently the employee pays both employee and University shares for more than one spouse and any additional child(ren). Coverage is provided up to the age of 70 for main subscribers and spouses, whether employee or retiree, whereas it is extended for dependents up to the age of 26 for a male and female dependent, if not married.

      The employee shall be fully responsible for reporting to the HR Office as soon as his/her covered son / daughter gets married. In case of not reporting and a proof of marriage is distinguished, the employee shall be required to pay the premiums and any medical treatment fees that have been used through the Medicare plan. 

      To find the current corresponding rates, click here.

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