MetLife Medical Plan

  • All employees are eligible to join this medical plan
  • Faculty and managers enrolled in the international plan are eligible to participate in both plans, provided that they pay both the employee and the University shares

Participation is compulsory for all support staff members unless enrolled in another plan providing medical services of similar nature and quality as those provided through the AUC plan. In that case, proof of alternate coverage should be provided.

The local health plan coverage ceiling is EGP 200,000 per participant per year, with a corresponding percentage of the premium rate in Egyptian pounds according to a subscription: single rate, spouse rate and child rate (AUC share a subsidy in premium up to three children). The University pays the remaining share in premium for the employee, one spouse and three children only, and subsequently, the employee pays both employee and University shares for more than one spouse and any additional child(ren). Coverage is provided up to the age of 70 for main subscribers and spouses, whether employee or retiree, whereas it is extended for dependents up to the age of 26, if not married.

The employee shall be fully responsible for reporting to the office of human resources as soon as his/her covered son/daughter gets married. In case of not reporting and proof of marriage is distinguished, the employee shall be required to pay the premiums and any medical treatment fees that have been used through the MetLife plan. 

To find the current corresponding rates, click here

For further details on the plan, check the table of benefits, and MetLife network providers.

AUC blue collars staff who were covered by AUC clinic will be insured by MetLife including their families, coverage ceiling for is EGP 100,000 per participant per year, AUC pays the full premium for the employee, spouse, and children. Medication is covered at 100% up to the overall ceiling through the MetLife network of providers. Coverage exclude maternity and dental coverage.

Blue collars can upgrade to plan A noting that he/she will pay in the corresponding employee share in the premium of plan A as per the prevailing plan rates. In case staff B wants to revert back to the plan that AUC pays for 100% of premium, he/she may do so noting that he/she will not be able to go back again to plan A during employment period.

For further details on the plan, check the table of benefits, and MetLife network providers.