Maternity Leave

Prenatal and Postnatal Leave Procedures

Egyptian Law Regarding General Regulations

AUC follows the regulations in Egyptian law, which should be posted in a conspicuous place that is accessible to all female employees.

General Regulations of Entitlement

A female employee is entitled to a maternity leave period of three months (90 calendar days) with full pay after delivery.

Maximum Entitlement During a Period of Service

A female employee is not entitled to this leave more than three times during her service.

Regulations Following the Delivery of a Child

A female employee is not to be asked to return to work during the 45 days following delivery. Moreover, she is not to be asked to stay for overtime during her pregnancy period and for the six months following the date of delivery.

Maternity Leave Procedures

  1. A female employee is required to provide her department/office with a copy of her child's birth certificate within one month after delivery.
  2. The concerned department/office has to send a copy of the birth certificate to AUC clinic attached with the Leaflet to Attend Medical Examination form signed from the manager in order to calculate the maternity leave period.
  3. Without such a notification, no maternity leave will be proceeded.
  4. The AUC clinic notifies Office of Human Resources with the maternity leave details.
  5. In case of requesting leave without pay for child care, the staff member needs to pass by the HR office one month ahead of the end of her maternity leave in order to complete the required procedures.

Regulations Regarding the Two Years Confinement Period

During the two years following delivery, a female employee nursing her child is entitled to two periods during the working day, each not less than half an hour of nursing  or one period of one hour of leave per day, either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Leave Without Pay for Childcare

Upon request, a female employee is entitled to leave without pay for a maximum of two years to take care of her child. This type of leave is to be granted no more than twice during the employee’s service.

Leave Due to Prenatal and Postnatal Complications

In cases of prenatal complications, leave will be given as sick leave and sick leave policies will be applicable. Sick leave in such cases is authorized only by the University physician after a thorough medical checkup.