Leave Without Pay

Leave-Without-Pay Procedures and Policies


General Regulations

Unless mandated by law, a leave without pay is considered a privilege and is not granted automatically although personal hardships may be taken into account. Leave of absence is granted for a specified period of time when it is of interest to the University and when the University wishes to maintain an association with the individual.


Egyptian Law Regarding Leave Without Pay

Leave without pay is granted in compliance with the labor law for the following reasons:

  • Military service (duty calls subsequent to conscription phase)
  • Childcare


University Policy Regarding Leave Without Pay

In addition, the University may grant leave without pay for the following reasons:

  • Government service (elective office)
  • Educational and other purposes, which result in promoting the interests of the University

The University does not normally grant leave without pay in excess of one month. Leaves of less than one month will be approved by the department chair or administrative director concerned. Leave without pay for a month or more and up to one year may be exceptionally approved by the area head or the dean of the school in the academic area on the basis of the justification presented by the department chair or administrative director concerned, and after receiving pertinent information from the Office of Human Resources.


Extended Leave Without Pay

In very special cases when the leave is of substantial benefit to the University, and upon the approval of the area head or dean, leave without pay can be extended to a maximum of two years. Leave without pay of one year’s duration or more is limited to permanent full-time employees who have completed at least five years of continuous service. Employees with three years of full-time service can take leave without pay up to a maximum of six months, while those with one-year of service can take up to one month only. The service-time requirement does not apply in the case of military duty. 

Prior to applying for any extended leave without pay other than child care, the female employee with child(ren) is no longer entitled to leave for childcare purposes. The conditions for leave without pay for childcare are set out in section 06.05.06 Leave without Pay for Childcare.


Vacations and Benefits During Leave Without Pay

Any accrued leave will be taken before going on a leave without pay. During a leave without pay, employee benefits such as social insurance, medical services and coverage as well as group life insurance can be maintained at the employee’s own expense by paying both the employer’s and the employee’s shares of contributions due. However, pension plans are excluded from coverage during the leave-without-pay period. In this case, all premium payments must be made in advance. Non-payment of premiums will result in cancelation of the insurance after 30 days from the date of default. Employees on leave without pay for two months or more have the option to drop social insurance altogether by filling the relevant form at the human resources office. Employee benefits, including annual leave, emergency leave and sick leave do not accrue during leave without pay. Full increments are not given to employees on leave without pay. When annual leave follows a leave-without-pay period, the annual leave is calculated in proportion to the months worked during the leave year in which both leave without pay and annual leave are taken.


Educational Benefits During Leave Without Pay

Employees who go on leave without pay during an academic semester will not lose the benefit of the educational privilege for dependents previously granted at the time of student registration for that semester. If leave continues for an additional semester (or for more extended periods), the educational privilege will cease.


Leave Without Pay During the Probationary Period

Time spent on leave without pay does not count toward completion of the probationary period.


Reinstatement to Position

A department granting a leave without pay will normally reinstate the employee upon return into the same position held prior to the leave. However, at the option of the department chair or administrative director and with the approval of the human resources director, the employee may be reinstated to another position comparable in salary level and requirements to that previously held.

Employees who fail to return to work within five working days after the expiration of the granted leave without authorization will be notified in writing, and if they continue to be absent for another five consecutive days, they shall be considered to have voluntarily resigned and thus forfeit continuous service and benefits.


AUC Procedure

The procedure followed in case of a leave without pay is as follows: 

  1. All requests for leave without pay must be made in writing and signed by the employee and the department chair or administrative director. They must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources at least two months in advance of the requested date. The human resources director will provide the pertinent information on the form, then forward it to the area head for final approval if it is in excess of one-month duration. The request should state the length of and reason for the leave.
  2. Upon obtaining approval for the leave, the employee should make arrangements with the Office of Human Resources at least one month before starting the leave for needed benefits and the required payments.
  3. In case of extended leaves, employees must notify their department chair or administrative director concerned as well as the Office of Human Resources at least one month prior to the end date of their first granted leave. 
  4.  Upon returning from the leave without pay, the employee must report to the Office of Human Resources to complete the reinstatement procedure before resuming work.